A pilot dies mid flight: his co pilot thought he was simulating a nap for fun

A pilot died mid-flight and his partner thought he was pranking him.

A flight instructor died after a Heart attack during a flight. That’s what his co-pilot thought his partner played a trick on him pretend to sleep. The events happened on June 29, 2022 but this story was recently reported by the UK Air Accidents Branch.

The pilot had clogged arteries

According to the message The plane’s co-pilot spent a few minutes next to the body of his colleague who had laid his head on his shoulder. After a while and after realizing that Attempts at resuscitation were unsuccessfulthe man introduced emergency landing. He called the ambulance and fire department, but nothing could be done to revive the pilot.

According to the investigation, the co-pilot explained that the flight took place Normally. The pilot’s relatives had none noticed nothing unusual before dying in mid-flight. The autopsy revealed that his arteries were clogged with fat and a blood clot, factors that precipitated the cardiac arrest. The pilot had over 9,000 hours of flight experience.