A special New Year39s Eve edition with Cachitos and four

A special New Year's Eve edition with “Cachitos” and four other proposals that you can see on TV today

La 2 offers a New Year's Eve with Cachitos, where Ángel Carmona makes his debut as host. On La 1, the newscasts include a short film directed by Carlos del Amor summarizing the year and starring Lola Herrera in 2023. COSMO features a Christmas episode of the Lego Masters competition. As for the cinema, TCM broadcasts a summit of classic melodrama with “Only Heaven Knows” by Douglas Sitrk, and Movistar Clásicos offers a gem of family cinema with “The Goonies”.

Lola Herrera slips into the skin of 2023

3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., La 1

Lola Herrera and Angel of Love

The TVE News News continues the tradition started five years ago and says goodbye to 2023 with a very special summary: a short film directed by Carlos del Amor in which actors, athletes and singers review what they have done throughout the year on stages such as the Teatro Real, the Reina Sofía Museum or the Institute for Spanish Cultural Heritage. This time the protagonist is Lola Herrera, who at 88 embodies the year that is already coming to an end.

“The Goonies”

3:50 p.m., Movistar Classics

The Goonies by Richard Donner

USA, 1985 (105 minutes). Director: Richard Donner. Cast: Josh Brolin, Sean Astin, Jeff Cohen.

“The Goonies” remains an icon of youth cinema of the eighties: Spielberg as producer and Richard Donner behind the camera propose a film that retains its freshness and frenetic adventures alongside a group of children in search of a hidden treasure accumulates. Many blockbusters want to match its outrageousness and effectiveness.

“Only heaven knows”

6:25 p.m., TCM

Heaven only knows about Douglas Sirk

Anything heaven allows. USA, 1955 (84 minutes). Director: Douglas Sirk. Cast: Jane Wyman, Rock Hudson.

In the second half of the 1950s, Douglas Sirk's films reached heights of melodrama such as Written on the Wind, Angels Without Luster and A Time to Love, a Time to Die. In “Only Heaven Knows,” Sirk paints a dark portrait of the American bourgeoisie and explores its double standards through the romance between an aristocratic widow and a fellow countryman. Sirk combines bitter social criticism with the dense note of extreme melodrama and shows his courage to sacralize the most passionate love stories.

“Lego Masters” Christmas special

7:15 p.m., COSMO

Lego Masters Christmas Special, broadcast on COSMO

COSMO is offering a series of special episodes of “Lego Masters,” in which four programs feature celebrities and former contestants forming teams to donate their prizes to a charity. You will have to overcome various challenges, such as building an aerodynamic snow vehicle or developing a new and modernized sleigh that can cross two chimneys full of gifts.

A New Year’s Eve with “Cachitos”

9:45 p.m., La 2

Ángel Carmona presents the New Year's Eve Special 2023 of Cachitos, broadcast on La 2

Music and humor come together to say goodbye to the year and experience the first hours of 2024. Ángel Carmona debuts in an event called New Year's Eve in Parts, which revives the spirit of the music hall and the fast-paced television rhythm of childhood and adolescence. A gala of vintages with guests such as Amaia, Jandro, Sidonie, La Prohibida y Algora, Los gandules, Pep Plaza and Laura Márquez and many other artists.

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