1677459784 According to our readers the best pizza in Alto Vicentino

According to our readers, the best pizza in Alto Vicentino is… altovicentinoonline.it

According to our readers the best pizza in Alto Vicentino

Wins the poll for best pizza in Alto Vicentino according to our readers…’Pizzeria Icio & Paola’! With 206 votes, Mason Vicentino’s pizzeria took first place. They follow in second place with 177 votes.PTB – Pizzeria Tony Barba‘ from St Pizzeria Icio and PaolaGiorgio di Perlena in Fara Vicentino.

Third place with 80 votes’Pizzeria Alla Rotonda‘ von Thiene and still in Thiene take fourth and fifth place with only one point difference ‘soul mother’ with 48 points it isD’Anna Pizza Food and more’ with 47 votes. “The Leader Walks Away” and gains a good voting margin to runner-up, but the gap from second to third is also notable. From the third everything “Made in Thiene”. If we had a boom in votes on the rib poll, we doubled on the pizza poll! This means that consumers like to be in the lead, to be considered, to feel included, to give their opinion on what the area looks like, what a reality they as users know well, appreciate or criticize. So what is meant by this is the willingness to be questioned about something that is commonplace for them. We remind you that the survey we proposed did not require technical judgement, but the opinion of our readers with their preferences and experiences. Perhaps it would be appropriate to concretely use this great resource like the sacred opinion of the people to reflect on the usefulness of territorial guides where the judges are the customers themselves, just like a council between friends.

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