1677420740 ADT vs Deportivo Municipal LIVE When do they play for

ADT vs. Deportivo Municipal LIVE: When do they play for League 1?

ADT vs Deportivo Municipal LIVE When do they play for

Check HERE all the details of the game that will be played at the Municipal Stadium of Tarma over Liga 1 Max and La República Deportes.

ADT vs Municipal Sports LIVE It will take place this Sunday, February 26, at 15:30, on the sixth day of the inaugural Liga 1 2023 tournament. The match will be played at the Municipal Stadium of Unión de Tarma and organized by Liga 1 Max, a channel dedicated located in Directv’s grill. In case you don’t have access, today La República Deportes will have ONLINE coverage of this and other games in the major leagues of America and the world.

ADT vs. Deportivo Municipal: record of the duel

BrokenADT vs Deportivo Municipal
DateSunday February 26th
Hour3.30 p.m
channelLeague 1 max
LocationUnion de Tarma Municipal Stadium

When is ADT vs. Urban Sport?

  • Peru: 3:30 p.m
  • Colombia, Ecuador: 3:30 p.m
  • Mexico: 2:30 p.m
  • Bolivia, Venezuela: 4:30 p.m
  • Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay: 5:30 p.m

Which channel broadcasts ADT vs. Urban Sport?

The meeting between is transmitted through the signal of the League 1 maxa channel located in the directv grid for all peruvian territory.

How to ADT vs. FREE ONLINE Communal Sport?

So you don’t miss the duel ADT vs. municipal sport onlineyou can tune in to FREE ONLINE coverage on La República Deportes website, a website that publishes the goals and all incidents of the clash.

Where are Union Comercio vs. WORLD TIME COORDINATED?

The venue where the match for the inaugural League 1 tournament will be played is the Union de Tarma Municipal StadiumVenue in Junín, Peru, with a capacity for 6000 spectators.

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