1677335662 After accusing her exhusband of aggression Titi Muller speaks up

After accusing her exhusband of aggression, Titi Müller speaks up and sends a message online: "It punishes the victim…"


The celebrity made an appeal to her followers after a major controversy with her son’s father

Images: Reproduction/Official Instagram by Titi Müller.Images: Reproduction/Official Instagram by Titi Müller.

The case of Titi Müller and Tomás Bertoni, her exhusband, became a hot topic among netizens after the famous actress announced that she was banned by the court from mentioning her expartner’s name on social networks. The two were married for two years and separated in 2021.

The presenter of MultiShow even accused her exhusband of mental, verbal and physical aggression. According to GloboNews, Tomás admitted in the separation process that he had indeed subjected his exwife to psychological, verbal and physical violence.

> Reproduction/Official Instagram by Titi Müller.

Yesterday evening, Friday (24), Titi Müller used the stories on her official Instagram profile, which has more than 700,000 followers, to send a message to society. The famous demanded that people shouldn’t just refer to a woman who’s suffered violence as “the one who reported it.”

“Even the most enlightened and aware women are vulnerable to violence and the difficulty in recognizing and denouncing it. A woman victim of violence remains a WOMAN, with a broader life, identity, career, etc. compared to ‘the one who was assaulted’. “‘The one who complained’ is to punish the victim instead of punishing the aggressor,” she said.