After several months at the front a Ukrainian soldier joins

After several months at the front, a Ukrainian soldier joins his family in Lévis

After months of torment, the Ukrainian Voloshchuk family is reunited at their home in Lévis.

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Last June, mother Yeliana decided to leave Ukraine with her three children to seek refuge in Canada.


“I prefer Canada because it’s very safe here,” explains Ms. Voloshchuk.

However, her husband Mikola stayed in their homeland and enlisted in the army to try to repel the Russian invasion.


“It was very sad for me because my husband stayed in Ukraine and I had to leave,” says Yeliana.


The family was troubled for seven months; Last January, Mikola finally decided to leave the army and go back to his family.


Although the family is relieved to be reunited, they cannot help but worry for all of their loved ones who are still in Ukraine.

“My thoughts are with my family and friends every day,” says Yeliana Voloshchuk.

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Yeliana and her family intend to return to Ukraine if possible. They are now very happy with the reception in Lévis.

“I am very happy because the people here are very nice. It’s like my second family,” says Ms. Voloshchuk.

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