1703944945 Aislinn Derbez says Mauricio Ochmann is not on her podcast

Aislinn Derbez says Mauricio Ochmann is not on her podcast because: "My questions scare you"

In one of the latest editions of her podcast, Aislinn Derbez revealed that she currently has no plans to invite Mauricio Ochmann to “The Magic of Chaos”. Although she recognizes that her ex-husband is an important person in her life and in the life of her daughter Kailani She decided to share the reason why she thinks he doesn't want to be there.

The actress recently held a meeting with the press and from her perspective she can believe the following: “It scares him, it scares him. “How about I ask you questions.”

Eugenio Derbez's daughter explained that it was difficult for her to come to an interview with him because he has always kept quiet about personal matters: “It's just like that He is very reserved, he is very careful about what he reveals about himself. He seems very concerned about his personal life and then I feel like he's saying, “Oh, that woman!” “He already knows I'm pretty perceptive, so he's afraid of my questions.”

Aislinn Derbez says Mauricio Ochmann is not on her podcastAislinn Derbez will not highlight the possibility of being able to interview her ex-husband Maurio Ochmann. / Photo: Mezcalo.

However, he does not rule out that he could have it in “The Magic of Chaos”, where more than one has opened his heart and mentioned things that his fans did not know before: “I think he doesn't want to.” I should go around and ask him for personal information. One day we will convince him. Let’s see, I’ll do the logging there.”

What is the relationship between Mauricio Ochmann and Aislinn Derbez?

Both Aislinn and Mauricio They expressed their desire to always maintain a warm and respectful relationship, and they committed to prioritizing their daughter's emotional well-being and happiness. Despite the breakup, they have decided to maintain constant and open communication to ensure Kailani feels loved and supported at all times.

1703944939 552 Aislinn Derbez says Mauricio Ochmann is not on her podcastAislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann have a 5-year-old daughter. / Photo: Mezcalo.

During their romantic relationship and now during the separation process, the couple behaved very discreetly and respectfully towards the media. Avoid unnecessary drama or negative comments about the other person. Her goal has always been to protect her daughter's privacy and maintain a positive environment in her life.

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