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Alanis Guillen and Jesuíta Barbosa kiss backstage "wetland"

SÃO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) The romantic couple on the ‘Pantanal’ soap opera, Jesuíta Barbosa and Alanis Guillen, have been spotted kissing backstage on the storyline.

The video, which has been circulating on social media, shows the couple kissing after the Jesuit made a surprise appearance with a cake to celebrate the actress’ birthday. She turned 24 last Friday (20).

In the pictures, the soap opera team sings “Happy Birthday to you”, Jesuíta brings Alanis the cake and kisses her on the cheek. Then comes the seal. The chemistry between the two on the scene has sparked conversations online, with Jesuíta denying rumors that they were dating in real life during this year’s carnival.

“People get confused. I hope this gives the soap opera and viewers a boost,” he said when asked about his alleged relationship with Alanis.

On Friday evening (20th) he posted a tribute to the actress on his Instagram profile. “Alanis, I wanted to make a movement, a sun, a star: but everything is already there: everything around you today, in your midst. And so only yours, you share the other. Gorgeous!” he said on the social network. .