1672673077 Andrea Lagoons the Gotita de amor child star who suffered

Andrea Lagoons, the ‘Gotita de amor’ child star who suffered TV atrocities

Andrea Lagoons in a picture from 2011 in Guadalajara, Jalisco (Photo: Omar Rivas/Clasos.com/LatinContent via Getty Images).

Andrea Lagoons in a 2011 picture in Guadalajara, Jalisco (Photo: Omar Rivas/Clasos.com/LatinContent via Getty Images).

Andrea Lagoons She was barely three years old when she decided to be on television, specifically Sesame Street. His insistence on acting prompted his parents to look for opportunities and this was the Televisa Center for Artistic Education. Her wish was granted, not only did she study acting from a young age, but she was also part of the children’s program that she loved so much.

Her foray into television coincided with the Televisa Niños project, but unlike other stars like Daniela Luján, Belinda, Danna Paola, she was gradually banned from this circle and they also didn’t know how to integrate her in youth productions.

Little Andrea had a talent, especially for drama. “Wine beautiful”, the teachers would have said to her parents and they would not have lied, the girl shed huge tears that moved even the coldest hearts. Thanks to these skills, she got her first job in a telenovela, María Isabel, alongside Fernando Carrillo, Susana González and Adela Noriega.

It was his next project droplets of love – a remake of the 1978 telenovela Gotita de gente, then starring Graciela Mauri – which catapulted her into a new child star alongside Laura Flores and Alejandro Ibarra.

But the “Children” soap opera was full of drama: “Chabelita”, the character from Lagunes, is abandoned in an orphanage a few days after her birth, where she is abused by the other girls and even by the director. One day her classmates show her a fake birth certificate with information about her alleged father, so she decides to flee and look for him to fulfill the illusion of having a family. Andrea once again managed to show off her melodramatic skills and of course we all cried with that small face and huge eyes that filled with tears at the slightest provocation.

Other jobs came as a girl in the soap operas Carita de ángel, Vivan los niños, Cuento de Navidad, Alma rebelde, but without getting a new leading role. But that didn’t stop his passion. “When I got used to living like this, I didn’t imagine life any other way, I was a girl who acted, who loved to do it, I didn’t see it as a job“, he said in the dressing room of El, a new room where the stars of Televisa confess.

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Since he never considered it a sacrifice, he didn’t care about the work involved. “Sometimes we would record at night, I would go to sleep at lunchtime (…) and at two in the morning we would continue.” But even as the most committed girl, she annoyed him emotionally and physically. “The problem was that when Andrea,” she says in the third person, “woke up and didn’t let her sleep enough, if there wasn’t an extra shell or Doritos, there was profuse crying and there was trouble.” In some scenes, she even fell asleep hanging from the dishes. “In deep sleep they yelled at me ‘Andrea, move your arms’.”

In his eagerness to keep his calling, he also agreed to diversify: he recorded, did musicals, ventured into the theater. But there came a time when neither the shells nor the longing were enough. No longer the child star of 1998, Andrea faced a new reality at the turn of the millennium.

At just 10 years old, he experienced his first job cancellation in front of Daniela Aedo (Carita de ángel). “We love Andrea, but she already looks too big for this character,” they told her. The answer was almost the same in other productions.

As a 15-year-old teenager, Andrea opened her heart to talk about it for the first time. “At the time, she did not fit into child roles, let alone adult ones,” reads a quote collected by Ecured.

According to the same source, the young woman hoped producers would consider her for future projects because she envisioned herself as a character actress for the next decade who could give more on television, especially on soap operas “where I feel like I can.” do my best.” best of my talent”.

Almost simultaneously, he also had to face the questions, or rather the mistreatment of the media devoted to show business, due to his disappearance from the screens. “The press started asking if it was because I was overweight because I was fat, that’s why the producers didn’t hire me, they didn’t reveal the characters’ profiles, they gave me some notes in the super rude magazines done, it was great bullying for me and it affects, it hurts my self-esteem,” he said in a 2016 interview with Univisión. There he confessed in his successful droplets of love They put her on a diet to reduce the size of her cheeks.

In a 2021 interview with the Tlnovelas YouTube channel, Lagunes returned to the topic of why he was absent from the small screen. “They told me that my face looks, that means I look a lot younger than I am, I did auditions for novels when I was younger and they told me no, that they still see me as a girl, they could do that they don’t say like falling in love with someone or anything like that stronger than because I’ve always seen myself very small”.

With no further opportunities, Andrea retired from the stage for more than a decade, continued her studies and completed her studies in communication studies. She slowly returned to the recording forums in standard programs such as La rosa de Guadalupe. This story sounds familiar to me. As the saying goes, but not in the way she would like because in several of them, if not all of them, she plays young high school girls in their thirties.

And even in small roles, Andrea remains steadfast in being active and challenging herself to fill new spaces. “I’m looking for what we put together, what we do,” but as the time comes, she’s making some musical compositions and enjoying her final personal challenge, which is to enjoy her nearly one-year-old son.