1677322588 Announcing a new business model at BH Airports industrial airport

Announcing a new business model at BH Airport’s industrial airport in Confins

Announcing a new business model at BH Airports industrial airportAccess to the industrial airport area Image: BH Airport

The BH Airport concessionaire, which manages the Belo Horizonte International Airport in Confins (MG), informs that by expanding the fronts of action of the country’s first and only industrial airport, the intermodal logistics center of the BH Airport takes another major step towards the consolidation of the international terminals of Minas Gerais as a provider of logistics, tax and management solutions for companies.

The novelty will come into effect from March and will offer two personalized, optimized and flexible business models to increase the operations of BH Airport’s industrial airport: Advanced Inventory and Industrial Warehouse.

The development of the negotiation format favors business profiles that move imported raw materials, framed in the Advanced Inventory model, that use security processes, technologies and the operation of an industrial area without the consent of the Federal Tax Agency of Brazil.

With the new option, inventory management will become the responsibility of the company itself, which will continue to use the structure and services of the cargo terminal at BH airport as a shared bonded warehouse (storage of cargo and partial release as required).

The Industrial Bonded Warehouse format remains active and serves exportfocused companies to maintain the adequacy of dutyfree zone processes and the benefits of tax exemption. In this model, inventory management continues to be operated by the BH Airport team and the security, technology and operational processes follow the standards of the Brazilian Federal Tax Administration.

“The development of the industrial airport model aims to bring greater industrial density to the northern vector of the Belo Horizonte metropolitan area, capitalizing on its growth in another groundbreaking initiative and showing BH Airport at the forefront of the foreign trade ecosystem in the state of Minas Gerais, the still connects the sector with efficient solutions on land, sea and air,” assesses the manager of the multimodal logistics center at BH Airport, Marcelo Farias.

“By combining the operational efficiency of our multimodal logistics center with the power of the team, Industry 4.0 and technological innovation, BH Airport invests in logistics partnerships and efficient solutions for customers, moves the economy with a sustainable profile and innovative orientation and differentiates itself from the field of national airport development,” he adds.

More than R$30 million has already been invested in the infrastructure of the multimodal logistics center, with a focus on strengthening and consolidating the industry on the airport premises. The opening of new international routes with passenger and cargo flights, as well as the consolidation of solutions for the maritime mode of transport, are also relevant initiatives to strengthen the airport’s role as a center for receiving, storing and distributing cargo with multimodal solutions.

“We are very efficient and competitive in the modalities of closed containers (full containers) and maritime less load (less container loads)”, explains Marcelo Farias. “We continue to develop tailormade solutions and alternatives for our customers, offering the best state and interstate connections for the transportation of air, land and sea freight, directly connecting Guarulhos and Viracopos airports and the ports of Santos (SP). — from terminals such as Ecoportos and Santos Brasil Rio de Janeiro and Sepetiba to BH Airport,” he clarifies.

BH Airport receives an average of 40 closed containers per month at the cargo terminal, positioning itself as one of the largest recipients of this modality in the country.

The multimodal logistics center and industrial airport innovations are highlights of BH Airport’s participation in Intermodal South America 2023, the most prestigious logistics, cargo transportation and foreign trade forum in Latin America, taking place from February 28th to March 2nd in São Paulo.

The event brings together representatives from Brazilian and international ports (USA, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Uruguay), airports, sea, air, road and rail transport companies, cargo and equipment handling, software and technology segments. .