Are you going to take him to the Universitario Fabian

Are you going to take him to the Universitario? Fabián Bustos and the time he surrendered to Jairo Concha

After negotiations with the Venezuelan César Farías became complicated, Universitario chose the Argentine Fabián Bustos as the new coach for the 100th anniversary. Although he has no experience in Peruvian football, the former Santos coach in Brazil knows the environment and a few years ago praised several footballers from Alianza Lima – a club led in 2021 by his brother Carlos Bustos.

Among the names mentioned by the 54-year-old strategist was former blue and white midfielder Jairo Concha.

What did Fabián Bustos say about Jairo Concha?

In 2022, Carlos Bustos admitted that he loved players like Jefferson Farfán and Josepmir Ballón. Likewise, he “surrendered” to the game Jairo Concha j Ricardo Lagos.

“I love Farfán, the truth is, he is one of those players who can make you win. Josepmir Ballón, tactical. Among the young players… Lagos and the midfielder who played with Ballón in the middle (Concha). I saw that.” Concha “It's very technical,” he said in dialogue with the program “Toca y Pasa”.

Where will Jairo Concha play?

Jairo Concha has not renewed his contract with Alianza Lima after three years. The 24-year-old midfielder left La Victoria with two titles and is currently a free agent.

Announced by Alianza Lima via Jairo Concha.  Photo: Alianza Lima

Announced by Alianza Lima via Jairo Concha. Photo: Alianza Lima

Does the university want to sign Jairo Concha?

After confirming the departure of Jairo Concha from Alianza Lima, Universitario administrator Jean Ferrari spoke about a possible signing of the midfielder.

“He's a good footballer, we don't detect the gunpowder. We can't talk about any connection with us as this message was just a few minutes ago. We never had any approach to him, but that's football. In football, “Things change,” said the manager in an interview with Coki Gonzales.