Back to class the government will announce an action plan

Back to class: the government will announce an action plan to catch up –

After 22 days of strike by teachers affiliated with the Autonomous Education Federation (FAE), the government says it will put in place a plan to help students catch up.

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The Education Minister's office clarified: “The new dates for the January ministerial examinations will be announced soon.” In addition, we will announce measures to help our students who have missed many days of school. Discussions with network partners are ongoing and will continue from the beginning of January.

Although students whose teachers are affiliated with FAE have lost around 10% of their school year, a primary school teacher believes there is no cause for concern.

“I think that the burden will fall more on the teachers than on the children, and I emphasize again that we have activities in the week before Christmas, so we are talking about three weeks,” says Geneviève Groleau, who claims that this is entirely possible. Getting up for lost time.

“Will the teachers have a bit of a headache? Yes, but should that scare the public and cause concern? No way.”

The details of the agreement, accepted in principle by the body, will be presented to the FAE's 66,500 members after mid-January. You have to decide on the proposal.

Classes will resume on January 9th

In a letter sent to parents on Friday, a copy of which was obtained by TVA Nouvelles, the Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Service Center (CSSMB) announced that the return of students to classes scheduled for January 8 would be postponed until the following day .

On Saturday, it will be the Montreal School Service Center (CSSDM)'s turn to make the announcement. The CSSDM confirms that “Monday 8 January is an education day that will allow school teams to prepare for the harmonious return of students, including the learning catch-up plan”.