BBB 23 After an ally refuses to vote for MC

BBB 23: After an ally refuses to vote for MC Guimê for the Wall, Key rebels and argues with his brother: "T…


BBB 23: After an ally refuses to vote MC Guimê for the Wall, Key rebels and argues with his brother: “You have to tell me to my face”

Photo: Playback/TV GloboPhoto: Playback/TV Globo

Gabriel Santana It is key alves staged a discussion this Sunday afternoon (26). Big brother Brazil. The reason: The two disagreed about who the faction should choose for the next wall. In addition to the two, other allies were also gathered to decide on the combination of votes Gabriel refused to participate and was questioned by the athlete.

During the meeting, Domitila said that the volleyball player wanted to come along MC Guime to the wall: “You [Key] he said he wants to go with him [MC Guimê] On Wall. Would you be ready?” he asked the group. Gabriel denied: “To be honest, it doesn’t make sense for me to vote for it Guime this week. Because to be honest, I was the guy who tried hardest to make the group work, and I was the one who took the shit the most and embarrassed myself the most because of you. So today I don’t want to embarrass myself because of people who didn’t embarrass themselves because of me back then. I want to vote for a person that I think makes sense,” he said.

> Photo: Playback/TV Globo

button Regretting his colleague’s decision, he said he will not forget his rejection: “Man, honestly, to me, this means a lot to who is with me or not. group or not. It’s who I’m going to bring this p#rr@ da life to because I would for everyone sitting here”. First things first, Gabriel replied the sister: “I wouldn’t button“, he said.

The volleyball player also recalled that when the allies voted as a group, they decided who would stand on the wall, which is currently the case with her: “When we were in a group, it was like this: ‘Whoever is on the wall stands He decides who wants to go. It’s not like that now. Great. For me it proved even more that I don’t have to rely on anyone.” Gabriel He said that the athlete does not place much value in team play: “She wants to ask things of us that she never did, brother,” he shot. In the sequence, the nurse asked, “Are you talking about me yet? So you have to tell me to my face.” The brother replied, “You can go back. I’m saying what I’ve already told you. I told you to your face,” he said. button He turned and walked away from the discussion.

Gabriel’s team disagrees with Key

After discussion among the allies, the Gabriel positioned himself on Instagram: “This afternoon, in a conversation with some brothers, Biel disagreed with the participant button. The friction arose because he didn’t agree with the idea of ​​voting Guime in a group. Biel said that from fred Nicacio, Cezar It is Domitila he could cast his vote, but for a person who left the group at the first opportunity, no,” the statement said. It is worth remembering that the angel is immune this turn, and thus, Guime cannot be specified for the wall.