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BBB 23: After returning from the wall, Fred Nicácio is “not intimidated by opponents and warns: “I walk like a brown man …


The brother says he came back stronger for the game after saving himself from the last marble

Image: Playback/GloboImage: Playback/Globo

A Post Elimination Night caused major outbreaks in the home of BBB 23. After Gustavo’s departure, that Saturday evening (25), Fred Nicácio promised to be back in the game stronger than ever. “What they chased so hard, they got… a declared adversary,” fired the doctor.

The brother was saved from the hot seat, which was eliminated gustavo with 71.78% of the public vote. Nicacio had 24.37% while Domitila took only 3.58%. Shortly after the cowboy left, the doctor spoke to his Fundo do Mar group allies and made it clear that now more than ever he will clash headon with his Desert group targets.

> Image: Playback/Globo

“Now I drive like a tank: slow, impenetrable and unstoppable. For me, direction is more important than speed. To come, attack more!” Nicácio shot. Then the brother explained the reason why he wasn’t afraid of anything in the game: “It won’t be small words that will depress me. What I have experienced in life. .. I am a survivor. It’s child’s play!” he warned.

It’s worth noting that shortly after Gustavo’s elimination, the Big Fone rang and Sarah Aline answered. The sister who is immune sent shoe face straight to the wall. A new hot seat is forming this Sunday night (26)end of the turbo week BBB 23.