BBB 23: Gustavo laughs as he watches Key call Larissa a “piranha” Splash

Eliminated sixth from BBB 23 (Globo), after his release from prison, Gustavo took part in “BatePapo BBB” (Globoplay) with Vivian Amorim and Patrícia Ramos.

On the show, the farmer laughed when he saw a scene where Key Alves calls Larissa “piranha” and “dog” on the occasion he agreed with the volleyball player.

After watching the video, Cowboy said laughing: “People forget they have a microphone and say everything”.

What happened? While in the Leader’s Room with Gustavo, Fred Nicácio, and Gabriel Santana, Key claimed to be jealous of Larissa’s closeness to Gustavo.

Button: “I know her intent well… Don’t you remember that day in the room when I said I smelled a dog in the air? It was because of her.”

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