BBB 23: Ricardo and Marvvila fight over food: “If you wait, don’t go” Splash

On Saturday evening (25), at BBB 23 (Globo), Marvvila and Ricardo were surprised with food. The problem: A pasta that was supposed to be made by the sister, but the brother ended up taking over the task.

According to Alfalfa, the pasta would not be ready otherwise.

In addition, the brother was irritated that the singer did not add salt to the pasta water.

Constant awkwardness?

In early February, the two quarreled over the behavior of the participant.

At the time, Ricardo tried to apologize, but the bullshit went to the Game of Discord.

Ricardo. “I tried to talk to Marvvila for the second time. I have already apologized to her twice for the way I spoke, for the tone of voice [no Jogo da Discórdia]”.

Ricardo. “I tried, and she said, ‘Not now’. She probably won’t come back to me. I’ve done my part and that’s it, I’m not going to kiss anyone’s ass. I’m here to play. You will you know something about me? You want. If you don’t want to look for me, that’s fine. Let’s play. That’s what I’m here for.”

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