BBB 23 Talking to Marvvila brother talks too much advertises

BBB 23: Talking to Marvvila, brother talks too much, ‘advertises record for free on ‘ and internet goes…


Brother and Marvvila have already been disqualified from the leading race

Photo: Reproduction/GloboPhoto: Reproduction/Globo

What a faux pas, huh? During the fifth trial of the leader of the BBB 23this week’s Resistance, an inmate made a joke and mentioned A Fazenda (Record TV), a competing reality show from Big brother Brazil. The unusual comment was made in a chat with Marvvilla.

Early on Friday (17th), the pagoda singer reflected on the consequences for those eliminated from the dynamic. “Imagine the consequence being ‘You’re outside the BBB’?” the artist assessed. “Imagine it’s like, ‘Are you going to ‘A Fazenda’?” the Boca Rosa exboyfriend fired.

> Photo: Reproduction/Globo

Netizens were going wild on social media at the moment. “This man is too sharp tongued,” wrote one Twitter user. “Free advertising for Record on Globo,” wrote one person on Instagram on Gina Indelicada’s page. “Boninho sees this (clown emoji), bishop sees it (embarrassing emoji),” joked another.

It is worth noting that the first nine disqualified faced consequences: not participating in the leader’s next test (3x), not voting on the wall, not being able to buy Curinga Power, taking someone out of the momentum, going to the wall, the week spend with Xepa and stay out of the angel’s negotiation.

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