1703977222 Beatrice puts her hands around Garibaldi39s neck and calls him

Beatrice puts her hands around Garibaldi's neck and calls him a gigolo, a former girlfriend who was disqualified for much less

Big Brother 2023/2024

In the Saturday, December 30 episode, Big Brother writes a bad page. The images of Beatrice Luzzi aggressively putting her hands around Giuseppe Garibaldi's neck and then calling him a “gigolo” were broadcast. Gieffina wasn't even scolded. For much less money, other reality show exes were disqualified.

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Beatrice puts her hands around Garibaldi39s neck and calls him

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Big Brother 2023/2024

The Saturday episode from Saturday, December 30th is about the Big Brother From Alfonso Signorini writes a bad page in this issue. The pictures of. were broadcast live on television Beatrice Luzzi which he does in an undeniably aggressive manner put his hands around Giuseppe Garibaldi's neckand then define it “gigolo“. A terrible scene that, conversely, we are sure, would have prompted the production of the reality show to take serious measures and, above all, the audience of the reality show to demand exemplary punishment, even disqualification demand. But for Beatrice, for some inexplicable reason, it was decided not to intervene decisively. On the contrary, the competitor was not even reprimanded. The host Signorini limited himself to briefly highlighting what was happening and then changed the subject.

Paolo Masella rebels: “Others are accused for much less”

It was he who raised the question Paolo Masella who spoke out about rebelling against Beatrice's preferential treatment. “Alfonso, in this house people were accused of much less. At least Beatrice has to apologize to Giuseppe for the hands around her neck,” complained the participant. It refers to what happened to Massimiliano Varrese, who was cornered – rightly – for having an aggressive attitude towards Beatrice. However, the same rules don't seem to apply to Luzzi.

Beatrice Luzzi justifies herself: “Listen to what she told me before”

Beatrice Luzzi tried to defend herself and tried to suggest that the terrible gesture of which she was the protagonist was due to a game. “We laughed,” said the actress, which was immediately denied by her teammates. So he tried to justify himself differently: “Listen to what he told me before.” But Garibaldi was never physically aggressive towards him and the video proves it. Aside from that. Luzzi took the liberty of referring to Giuseppe as a “gigolo.” If it had happened in the opposite direction And if it had been Garibaldi who had called Beatrice a “prostitute,” would we have shut down this unpleasant site just as quickly?