Berlinale 2023 Golden Bear for Sur lAdamant by Nicolas Philibert

Berlinale 2023, Golden Bear for ‘Sur l’Adamant’ by Nicolas Philibert

Berlinale 2023 Golden Bear for Sur lAdamant by Nicolas Philibert

One edition, the 2023 Berlin Film Festival, again directed by Italian Carlo Chatrian, was deeply imbued with politics and news, from the Ukrainian flag waving the red carpet at the awards ceremony to the appeal for Iranian women to be supported by the Juror Golshifteh was pushed by Farahani, right down to the directors’ message of condolences to all the victims of the Turkish-Syrian earthquake

Fly on the Seine in a very “special” boat the golden bear of the 73rd BerlinaleSo the exciting documentary by the French author Nicholas PhilibertSur l’Adamant, in which several psychiatric patients They live the experience of sharing artistic and socially useful activities precisely together with their operators, among psychologists, psychiatrists and volunteers. “Overcoming everyone’s differences is ours humanity that can save the world‘ said the 72-year-old CEO Nancycelebrated by the international jury led by a confident and passionate woman Kristen Stewart. An edition by Berlin Film Festival 2023always directed by the Italian Karl Chatrianheavily influenced by politics and news, by Ukrainian flag waved on the red carpet at the award ceremony (following the video message from Zelensky broadcast on the evening of the premiere) for the roll call Iranian women urged by the jury Goldshifteh Farahanito the condolences of the directors for all victims of the Turkish-Syrian earthquake. An edition in which too Italy was rewarded: the film Disco Boy, good debut James Abruzzesehe actually won the silver bear for the best artistic contributionespecially due to the bold cinematography of Helena Louvartwho accepted the prize together with Abruzzese.

Still in France – and another well-loved veteran author – received another Silver Bear, namely a Philip Garell for his intense Le grand chariot, played “in the family”, with his three children. For her, but most of all for his teacher, friend and colleague of all time Jean Luc Godard “Whoever has won here with one of his masterpieces, Alphaville,” dedicated his award to him best director. To the beautiful red sky Christian Petzold went the silver bear Grand Jury Prize: a choral work in which nothing is as it seems, despite the naturalness of the facts in which comedy and drama magically intersect. Petzold dedicated his victory to another recently deceased grandmaster, Carlo Saura.

The Silver Bear Jury Prize it was assigned to Mal viver of the Portuguese João Canijo, a long film about the complex and perhaps unsolvable relationships between women in a family locked in a private hotel. The curious thing about the work is that it actually consists of two films, one a reverse take of the other, not coincidentally titled Viver Mal and oddly placed in the section encounters. The two recognitions for the interpretations are moving, both went to actresses who play rolesgender identity, with all the complexity that entails. So it depends on the German transsexual actress Thea honor for the noir drama Until the End of the Night by Christopher Hochhäuser the secondary prize went, the main prize ended up in the tiny hands of one of the youngest bear winners in the history of the Berlinale: Sophia Otero, probably the same age as her character, who is only 8 years old. In the beautiful film by the Basque director Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren20,000 especies de habeas, Sofia is a child, Aytorbut feels like a child and wants to be called Lucy. This little girl’s talent is sure to find a following in international cinema. Last but not least the mysterious German/Greek film Musik von Angela Schanelec with the Silver Bear for the best scriptAdentro my estoy bailando di Leander Koch And Paloma Schachmann as best first worksuggested in the “Matches” section, where the winner was also entered best documentaryThe echo of the Mexican Tatyana Huezo.