Beware of fireworks The City of Calgary reminds of safety

Beware of fireworks: The City of Calgary reminds of safety rules –

After a bushfire that nearly burned down several homes the day after Christmas and the start of the New Year, Calgary authorities wanted to remind people that a permit is required to make fireworks.

Late Tuesday evening, the Calgary Fire Department received numerous calls after a group of minors set off fireworks in the Panorama neighborhood.

“The homeowners were understandably very concerned as the fire grew larger and headed towards their homes. “This was irresponsible behavior that could have destroyed multiple homes,” Calgary Fire Department spokesperson Carol Henke said in a statement to the Calgary Herald.

Fortunately, no one was injured and no homes were damaged by the flames. However, this event allows authorities to reiterate the importance of taking precautions and obtaining authorization before carrying out pyrotechnic activities.

“Fireworks and pyrotechnics may only be ignited or discharged in Calgary by a trained and certified professional with a fireworks permit. This includes fireworks purchased or ordered outside of Calgary,” the municipality said on its website.