1704004700 Big Brother no one eliminated in the December 30 episode

Big Brother, no one eliminated in the December 30 episode: 4 nominated

Big Brother 2023/2024

There was no elimination on the December 30, 2023 episode of Big Brother. In the televoting, the least voted participant was chosen, who was Monia La Ferrera, who was directly one of the protagonists of next week's elimination nomination. The episode ended with the nomination of Beatrice, Sonia, Federico and Rosanna.

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Big Brother no one eliminated in the December 30 episode

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Big Brother 2023/2024

There was no elimination in the episode Big Brother of December 30, 2023. The televoting chose the least voted participant who turned out to be such Monia La Ferrera (who lost to Perla Vatiero and Grecia Colmenares), who was directly among the protagonists of next week's preliminary nomination. Sonia is added Federico Massaro – turned out to be the least voted in the last nomination – and for the candidates nominated in tonight's episode, you are proving to be one Beatrice Luzzi And Rosanna brother. The episode focused primarily on Beatrice Luzzi's terrible gesture towards Giuseppe Garibaldi – which was not sanctioned by the show – and Perla's past, which was told for the first time in the House of Representatives.

No one was eliminated in the December 30, 2023 episode

The televoting, in which the least voted participant was chosen between Perla Vatiero, Grecia Colmenares and Sonia La Ferrera, ended with the defeat of the latter, who was finally nominated together with Federico Massaro and the participants who were the most in that evening's episode received votes.

Who are the nominated participants?

THE Favorites of the House of Representatives this week Rosy, Massimiliano, Anita and Giuseppe. For the obvious nominations, Sonia nominated Letizia, Beatrice nominated Rosanna, Paolo nominated Beatrice, Greta nominated Vittorio, Rosanna nominated Vittorio, Perla nominated Grecia, Fiordaliso nominated Rosanna, Vittorio nominated Perla, Letizia nominated Beatrice, Grecia nominated Beatrice, Federico nominated Rosanna. In the secret nominations, Massimiliano nominated Beatrice, Giuseppe Beatrice, Rosy Beatrice, Marco Beatrice and finally Anita Beatrice. Beatrice and Rosanna were ultimately nominated.

Perla Vatiero's father at GF: “Mirko Brunetti was like a son, I still love him”

What happened to the girlfriend: the message from the episode from December 30, 2023

The December 30 episode of GF offered several points of discussion for the reality TV audience. The first news came with the admission of Ciro Petrone that the story with his partner Federica Caputo is over. Space for the gesture of Beatrice Luzzi, who, during a confrontation with Giuseppe Garibaldi, put her hands around his neck and then called him a “gigolo”. Gesture not approved by the CEO. Surprise for Perla, who received a visit from her father in the house. Finally, another argument between Beatrice and Anita Olivieri about getting closer to Vittorio Menozzi. At the end of the episode, Anita threatened to abandon the game.