Big Brother unpublished pearl The loss of her twin and

Big Brother, unpublished pearl: The loss of her twin and the rebirth thanks to sport

Perla Vatiero also exists without Mirko Brunetti. Ok, maybe it's an obvious formulation, but so far Big Brother has built its path solely on the basis of the love question and the “triangle” with Greta Rossetti. After all, that's why the three young former Temptation Islanders moved into the House of Representatives, but it's also true that after the brave Mirko left, the two women are now up to mischief. And Perla finally showed a new side that thrilled the audience.

Pearl and the loss of her twin sister

THE Twins have a very special relationship and only those who have experienced it – or know about it – can understand the meaning of this statement. Perla Vatiero still somehow feels her presence, even though she never knew her except for the months they shared her mother's womb and the few months she survived.

He didn't say the name, but hinted at how big it was Pain for a loss he can't remember directly, but which he has always noticed and whose emptiness he continues to feel. “I feel it, I don't know how to explain it. It's complicated to explain,” he confessed to Alfonso Signorini, his face streaming with tears.

Perla, addiction and rebirth thanks to sport

There was a moment when Perla uttered a sentence that hit the audience like a boulder: “It would be better if she lived than me”. These are not words taken lightly, but rather come from what has happened to the Big Brother tenant and former face of Temptation Island over the years.

Perla Vatiero showed another new side, that of the darkest moment that marked her bad acquaintances which led her to enter the tunnel of addiction. “These things there are a deception, at first they make you feel good, but then they bring you down. These are things that hurt you. – he said through tears –. I didn't fall in love with loveI surrounded myself with people who didn't fit in with me or what my parents had taught me. One of the many things that has helped me a lot is the SPPlace, thanks to karate I got completely off the streets. Having a goal in life is a very important thing. The sport triggered emotions in me“.

Sport – in this case karate – not as a simple pressure relief valve, but as a goal and life lesson. Like a compass that helps you find your way. A positive messageoccasionally.

Perla meets her father Alessandro Vatiero

“I feel guilty about how I treated her”, she admitted, referring to her parents, who never let her down, not even in the most difficult moment when she closed herself off and turned her attention to the wrong people. What she could never have imagined is that her father Alessandro was waiting for her in the garden, who only had nice words for her.

Stop thinking about the past, We are proud of you and we are always close to you. Think about this gift that is beautiful. (…) Enjoy it until the end, be sincere like now and be calm,” she said. Even when Signorini tried to bring up the Mirko issue again, which Father Vatiero glossed over with great elegance.