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It’s not easy to understand what’s going on war in Ukraine. The tentacles of disinformation are so large and ingrained that it is nearly impossible to create an accurate picture. To do this, let’s try using some numbers: Let’s start with the armament.

From a site that is considered reliable and that only considers visually verifiable weapons, it is clear that the Russia lost 9368 heavy guns of which 5942 destroyed, 268 damaged, 376 abandoned and 2782 captured. According to statistics, this would be almost a third of the heavy weapons that Russia had at the beginning of the war. These are now available to the army Ukrainian. Aside from those destroyed or damaged, there remains a significant amount that can be used, more than enough for the size of Ukraine’s 200,000-strong army – against Russia’s 850,000.

So why does the country keep demanding guns? It is clear that the question relates to weapons Superior, but it is also true that these require an army trained to use them. At the moment Europe And United States They mainly sent the weapons they wanted to get rid of to Ukraine to be reconstructed using more modern models. And so, thanks to the war in Ukraine, the modernization of the Western war machine is taking place. Without this conflict it would have been like this impossible adopt an upgrade project of this magnitude. In short, a bonanza for the war industry that had been languishing for several years.

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Let’s move on to the cost of the war and the eventual reconstruction, another crucial point that is never talked about enough. From another site, from January 24, 2022 to January 15, 2023, United States disbursements, which include humanitarian operations and military assistance, were equal 73.2 billion euros and the institutions of the European Union, namely the Commission and the Council of Europe 35 billion euros. Great Britain 8.3 billion euros, Germany 6.16, Canada 4.02, Poland 3.5, France 1.68 and Italy 1.02. In October 2022, the IMF approved a $1.3 billion line of credit.

Can’t find any stats trustworthy about the cost to Ukraine of a year of war in Ukraine, but an extrapolation can be made. A year of war has resulted in a 35 percent drop in GDP. In addition, there are the above figures for various types of grants and credit lines. And if the war lasts another year, the cost will certainly be the same or higher Not inferior. The more GDP contracts, the more it costs to rebuild, the more Western countries spend on development aid, the higher the engaged audience cover up. The question is: where will all the money come from? Certainly not from our taxes.

The main idea circulating in the news like the coronavirus is coming from Russia, specifically Russian money stuck in the west – which is which Ursula von der Leyen he claimed last week. But the self-proclaimed general of Brussels reckoned without the innkeeper. Let’s see why.

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According to the Economist, there are Russian reserves worth $300 billion and up to $300 billion in Europe and the United States trillions of dollars by Russian private individuals. The former are owned by the Russian state and have not been frozen but immobilized because the banks holding them have been banned from doing business with Russia. The trillion includes direct investment, which is very difficult to locate. In reality, the oligarchs’ assets amount to $400 billion, only 50 of which have been frozen.

So the concept of frozen assets and funds is very different from that of seizure. A frozen asset remains the property of the owner, a confiscated asset changes hands. To confiscate private wealth one must have committed a crime involving confiscation – mafia crimes, for example – and so it will not be easy to apply this principle to the simple citizenship Russian.

The situation is much, much more complex reserves, which must be frozen before they can be confiscated, which has not happened yet. The reserves are then protected by the sovereign nation’s immunity from criminal charges that might justify confiscation. The only exception is the state of war: namely during it in IRaq Bush froze and confiscated the money from Saddam Hussein. He could do it because the United States was at war with Iraq, but today Washington is not at war with him Fly. At the diplomatic level, the confiscation of Russian reserves would deprive the West of a powerful bargaining chip Putinwho may be willing to negotiate to get her back; once this lever is removed, the west would have very little continue to negotiate. But the real problem would be the destruction of the status quo of international law. If the West hoards Russian reserves in its own banks, then other nations could do the same with Western assets and deposits in their own. This would set a dangerous precedent. Second, such an action would result in the immediate withdrawal of other countries’ reserves from Western financial institutions.

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Of course both Biden and Von der Leyen these things You now her, but they are careful not to advertise them. The first uses the war as a stepping stone to re-election, a party decision to prevent promotion Alexandra Ocasio Cortez; the second instead plays war with other people’s lives and money.