Bologna different from Fourghetti eat here spend little and enjoy

Bologna, different from Fourghetti: eat here, spend little and enjoy a fantastic dinner Street Food

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Bologna's magnificent surroundings hide places where you can eat well without spending too much. Discover some of the best.

Bologna, a cultured city also known as “the learned”, is also called “the fat one” precisely because of the rich gastronomy that characterizes it.

Here we also find the Fourghetti Bistro opened by the star chef Bruno Barbieri. However, he left the baton to his chef Erik Lavacchielli.

The dishes he created have remained the same, as have the prices. A place where “typical and traditional cuisine relies on research, experimentation and creativity to introduce new tastes and tastes”.

Tastes and aromas that we can also find in other places where we can taste equally good dishes but at cheaper prices. Let's look at some of them.

Bologna: the best places

In Bologna, among the best and cheapest restaurants, we find the Tigelleria da Zia Anna. Tigelle are small round and flat breads, typical of the region, served with cured meats, cheese and the classic and delicious Modenese pesto, a tasty and fragrant mixture of lard, garlic and rosemary. And that is why the stop is almost mandatory to taste and appreciate this product.

From normal tigelle for 2.20 euros per piece to tigellone for 6.40 euros, you can indulge yourself with the fillings. You can choose between truffle salami, cracklings, classic cooked ham and stracchino. But not only that: the sweet Tigelle proposal is a real gem to satisfy every palate. With ricotta and organic plum jam, with white chocolate and puffed rice or even with classic chocolate. One more delicious than the other.

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The other suggestions

The city of Bologna also offers the Osteria Bottega. Here you definitely have to try the pasta ribbons with Bolognese ragù for €14.00 and the traditional Bolognese lasagna for €18.00. Other typical dishes include the braised pigeon with differentiated preparation, pink breast, crispy legs and braised wings, gravy and red fruits for €28.00 or the boiled pork salami with mashed potatoes for €16.00. The desserts, which all cost 8 euros, include the classic rice cake.

Finally, we point out the soup where “taste is a woman”. For lovers of this dish who will be spoiled for choice. Like Lucilla, pumpkin and mushroom cream soup with balsamic vinegar drops and croutons for €9.50. But also the Marylin, homemade pumpkin gnocchi with Gorgonzola cream and walnuts for €10.50. And a lovely warm Zoe salad, “pepper potatoes, curried cauliflower, baked pumpkin and beet chips with lime mayonnaise” for €9.00.

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