Boy resuscitated at hospital 3 hours after arrived dead VIDEO

Boy resuscitated at hospital 3 hours after ‘arrived dead’. VIDEO Good news only

Three hours between life and death… and this boy was revived! That’s exactly what happened to 3yearold Waylon Saunders, who arrived at the hospital legally dead. But the care team didn’t adapt and tirelessly undertook the maneuvers to save him. And they did!

Workers at Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital in Petrolia, Ontario, Canada, performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) continuously for three hours while using other methods to warm the child’s frozen body.

Waylon Saunders was found face down in the pool at home by his parents, presumed drowned, and taken to hospital. The boy’s body temperature was so low that paramedics could not check the thermometers.


Fortunately for the Waylon boy, nurses and doctors didn’t stop after three hours of squeezing the child’s chest to artificially pump blood to the brain and other organs. Thus Waylon’s heart was restarted and continued.

“There was a group of people doing CPR. They were professionals rehashing it [Waylon] with many different techniques,” said Janice Tijssen, head of the pediatric intensive care unit at Children’s Hospital.

The doctor herself was surprised by the child’s return to life.

“There was a great team helping him and making sure he was comfortable. He exceeded all expectations,” said the doctor.

Waylon’s mother, Gillian Burnett, said the hospital staff will always be in her heart for their determination and dedication to saving the boy.

The story went around the world and moved everyone.

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At Euro 2020, Danish player Christan Eriksen, then 29, suffered cardiac arrest on the pitch, silencing the crowd in what appeared to be a tragedy.

The Danish national team captain at the time, Simon Kjaer, checked the athlete’s general condition and began CPR for 15 minutes while awaiting the arrival of paramedics, who continued the maneuvers until Eriksen could be removed from the field.

Erikson’s heart stopped for 78 minutes! However, the efforts of everyone there to save the athlete were so intense that they managed to save him. In the hospital he breathed and spoke normally.

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