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Mercado Libre launches its own Ethereum cashback token – Decrypt

Mercado Libre launches its own Ethereum cashback token – Decrypt

Online marketplace Mercado Libre, Latin America’s answer to Amazon, today announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency.

The company launched Mercado Coin for customers in Brazil as the ECR20 token – the implemented standard for tokens created using the Ethereum blockchain. Marketplace users can use it to earn cashback rewards.

Mercado Coin is initially valued at $0.10 but will be subject to market fluctuations, the company said.

“Mercado Coin is our new way to reward our users for their behavior within our ecosystem,” said Mercado Libre. “The more selected products you buy, the more Mercado Coins you get.”

Argentine cryptocurrency exchange Ripio developed the technology behind the token.

Marcos Galperin, CEO and Founder of Mercado Libre, said on Twitter: “Today we launched Mercado Coin in Brazil, further expanded our loyalty program and took another step towards the democratization of financial inclusion in Latin America.”

The idea is that customers can use the cryptocurrency to buy things on the marketplace or trade them through the company’s fintech arm, Mercado Pago.

Mercado Libre also said that the token is not available on other platforms besides Mercado Pago.

Mercado Libre is the largest online marketplace in Latin America and has brought millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin to its balance sheet.

In January, there were rumors that Mercado Libre was working on releasing its own stablecoin – but this was never confirmed by the company.

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Wokes should do a soul search

Wokes should do a soul search

No opinion justifies physical violence. It is therefore easy to understand that the attack on Salman Rushdie triggered a wave of outrage.


What is incomprehensible, however, is the hypocrisy of certain pseudo-freedom knights who passionately denounce the fatwa against the writer but remain silent in the face of the almost daily attacks on freedom of expression.

Admittedly, our regime is fortunately out of proportion to the Iranian dictatorship. However, the West also has its right-thinking fundamentalism. It is wokism and its great architects.

Iranians live in a theocracy. We have a “wocracy” in the making with its priests worshiping feelings and emotions and denying biological and scientific evidence.

They have ayatollahs. We have awakened fundamentalists who want to impose their worldview on society as a whole and censor ideas they see as deviant.

They have fatwas. We have the culture of annulment that condemns to instant social and professional death anyone who challenges the ideological ukas of awakened obedience.

You have the deputy police. We have anti-racism “experts”, a kind of speech and thought police, who see “satanic verses” everywhere and practice censorship of words, expressions, books and films.

They have leaders who spread fear. We have intellectual terrorists who use brutal intimidation to enforce their racist policies and privilege system.

You have the Revolutionary Guards. We have a brotherhood of neurotics who cling to “social deconstruction.”


It is good to take great lyrical flights to denounce the censorship of a distant regime. But becoming aware of the devastating effects of rampant wokism on our own freedom of expression and the organization of our society is better! An exercise in introspection and self-criticism would do us very good.

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1660901952 GM LG Energy Solution review Indiana battery factory

GM, LG Energy Solution review Indiana battery factory

See what’s clicking on

General Motors and LG Energy Solution are considering building a battery cell manufacturing facility in Indiana.

It would be the fourth battery plan developed by the companies’ joint venture Ultium Cells LLC.

A spokeswoman for the joint venture said New Carlisle, Indiana, is being reviewed for potential investments and Ultium has filed a tax break application that it hopes will be approved later this month.

The company’s first U.S. battery cell plant in Warren, Ohio is scheduled to start operations later this month.

GM headquarters in Detroit

FILE PHOTO: The new GM logo can be seen on the facade of General Motors’ headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. (Portal/Rebecca Cook/Portal photos)

In January, GM and LG announced a $2.6 billion investment to build a new battery cell plant in Lansing, Michigan, scheduled to open in late 2024.


GM also said it would spend $4 billion to overhaul and expand an assembly plant near Detroit to build electric pickup trucks and be supplied by the Lansing Battery Plant.

LG Energy Solutions office

FILE PHOTO: An employee walks past the LG Energy Solution logo at its office building in Seoul, South Korea. (Portal/Kim Hong-Ji / Portal Photos)

GM and LG Energy are also building a $2.3 billion facility in Spring Hill, Tennessee, due to be completed by the end of 2023.

The fourth facility is said to be similar with an investment of more than $2 billion, a source briefed on the matter told Portal.

It is not known when the plant will start operating.

Cadillac Lyriq

Defined by tight lines and clean surfaces, the LYRIQ is assertive and modern, characterized by a low, fast roofline and wide stance that emphasize agility and instill confidence. Additional details, such as a through-flow roof spoiler, express the care (Cadillac/Fox News)

Last month, the US Department of Energy said it would loan Ultium $2.5 billion to fund the construction of battery cell manufacturing plants in Ohio, Tennessee and Michigan.


GM said in July it had multi-year agreements with LG Chem Ltd and Livent Corp to secure key raw materials to make electric vehicle batteries.

President Biden signed legislation this week imposing new sourcing rules for battery components and critical minerals, effective Jan. 1, to make electric vehicles eligible for $7,500 tax credits.

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Biden wants half of all US vehicle production to be electric or plug-in electric by 2030.


In May, Chrysler parent company Stellantis NV and Samsung SDI announced that they will build a new joint-venture battery plant in Kokomo, Indiana.

Portal contributed to this report.

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Arsenic in the air Environment Secretary defends Glencore

Horne Foundry: Prepare to foot the bill

According to the company, the modernization of the Horne Foundry requires investments of 500 million dollars. And whether you like it or not, part of your taxes will be used!

There is no doubt that currently the CAQ government of François Legault and the Horne Foundry of the extremely wealthy multinational Glencore are working “financially” hand in hand to modernize the polluting Rouyn-Noranda plant with a view to reducing it in five years , its arsenic emissions will be at acceptable levels… in their eyes!

By “acceptable” in the eyes of Legault and the foundry, we mean arsenic emissions of 15 nanograms (15 ng/m3), while the Quebec standard is 3 nanograms.

Of course, compared to the current level of arsenic emissions of 100 nanograms, the reduction to 15 nanograms is a huge improvement.


And this “improvement” will serve as the main argument for François Legault and his Ministers Benoit Charette (environment) and Pierre Fitzgibbon (economy) to cooperate in financing the modernization of the Horne foundry.

At the moment we don’t know how much financial support will come out of our pockets, oh sorry! the Quebec government. Nor does it know what form the state aid takes: through a grant, through a forgivable loan (disguised grant) or through other financial assistance mechanisms.

One thing is for sure, the call for state aid actually comes from Glencore.

“As with any large company, there are always discussions with the government when it comes to a major investment like this,” confirms Claude Bélanger, head of copper operations in North America at Glencore.


Personally, I don’t think it makes sense for Quebec taxpayers to invest in Horne Foundry’s modernization plan.

It’s up to parent company Glencore to reinvest some of the profits it’s reaped over decades into its Quebec facility.

We are dealing with a very wealthy multinational company that has the means and the obligation to modernize its foundry in a socially responsible way with regard to arsenic emissions to air.

The year is 2022: It is imperative for companies to comply with the environmental standards where they are based.

By modernizing its foundry in Quebec, Glencore will benefit financially in the long term.

To give you an idea of ​​who we are dealing with when we talk about Glencore, here are some metrics in 2022:

  • Sales volume: $272 billion
  • Expected net benefit: $21 billion
  • Market Cap: $76.5 billion

As you can see, Glencore has the financial means to finance the modernization of its foundry from its own resources. It’s his responsibility.

Especially since the Horne Foundry in Rouyn-Noranda represents an immense enrichment for Glencore. The Horne Foundry, in operation since 1927, is the only copper foundry in Canada.

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Bosses who have given up the fight to return to

Bosses who have given up the fight to return to the office have found another way to win: tracking their remote workers’ every move – Fortune

Many workers may have the right to work from the couch, but that doesn’t mean their boss is any more relaxed than usual. If anything, that boss may be watching them more closely.

No longer able to crane their necks around the cubicle and screen employees, more and more employers have instead turned to monitoring digital productivity. According to a study by The New York Times, eight of the top 10 private employers in the US track employee productivity metrics. Some of this software measures active time, monitors key breaks, and even silently counts keystrokes.

JP Morgan, Barclays Bank and UnitedHealth Group all track employees, The Times reported, and see everything from the time it takes to write an email to keyboard activity. There are consequences when workers don’t meet expectations: a pushy note, a skipped bonus, or a work-from-home day taken away, to name a few.

For employers who surrender in the fight to get back to the office, such monitoring is a way to maintain a sense of control. As Paul Wartenberg, who installs monitor systems, told The Times, “If we give up on getting people back into the office, we won’t give up on managing productivity.”

The compromise of remote work

Most CEOs, unlike the workers themselves, are about remote work. JP Morgan’s Jaimie Dimon, Goldman Sachs’ David Solomon and Tesla’s Elon Musk recently urged all their employees to return to headquarters.

But the employees are fighting back. In May, Apple workers threatened to quit after Tim Cook’s memo about a hybrid work schedule.

Since the pandemic, many knowledge workers have fought for the freedom to work anytime, anywhere. According to a Future Forum Pulse poll, most (95%) want flexibility in their working hours. The idea is that remote work allows employees to have a longer tether and be able to complete their core tasks within their own schedule.

“People don’t want a full day of meetings from 9 to 5,” Brian Elliott, executive leader of the Future Forum, told Fortune in February. “They want the flexibility to turn off notifications when it’s right for them. Maybe for caregivers it’s the flexibility to check out from 3pm to 8pm and then come back and do a bit of head down work after the kids are in bed.”

While hybrid work has recently gained popularity, many employers are reluctant to give up the war for full-time employment. Meanwhile, the number of people wanting to go into the office full-time hit its lowest level in two years in July.

But tracking every move of these remote workers doesn’t seem to mean much to employers. “We’re in this era of measurement, but we don’t know what to measure,” Ryan Fuller, former vice president of workplace intelligence at Microsoft, told the Times.

That all sounds counterproductive. Managers may waste time just using productivity trackers. Nervous remote workers may also be wasting a little time — data from Qatalag and GitLab found knowledge workers spend about 67 extra minutes a day proving they’re online and not slacking off.

The reality is that hybrid workers are the most productive, according to early research. They are more likely to feel productive, engaged, and upbeat about their performance than full-time field or office workers.

Maybe everyone would be a little more productive if they stopped trying to prove their productivity.

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Penn buys remainder of Barstool Sports for 387 million

Penn buys remainder of Barstool Sports for $387 million

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy explains how he is “trying to build the most progressive sports betting company”.

Penn Entertainment takes over the remainder of Barstool Sports.

The casino operator took full control of the sports website founded by controversial media magnate Dave Portnoy, according to a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday. The purchase of the remaining Barstool stock will be completed by February 2023.

The company initially bought 36% of the site for $163 million in 2020 in a deal that combined sports betting and online media. The deal saw Penn buy the remaining shares in a two-step process for $387 million.

Formerly known as Penn National Gaming, the sports betting app launched with Barstool and claims to have reached a younger audience. In February 2021, Penn announced that it had gained over 72,000 registered customers in Pennsylvania after launching the app, which raised nearly $300 million.


Dave Portnoy Founder

Penn Entertainment is acquiring the remaining interest in Barstool Sports for $387 million. The company was founded by Dave Portnoy in 2003 and operates out of New York City. (Getty Images/Getty Images)

The acquisition of Barstool is another of Penn’s purchases made to solidify its foothold in pop culture, media and gaming. A year ago, the company bought TheScore, a Canada-based digital media company, for $2 billion.

Barstool has a large audience of college-aged young people, which has allowed him to thrive as an entertainment icon. Currently, the site has its own subscription streaming service on Sling TV. Additionally, the company struck a deal to get streaming rights to Major League Baseball games.


Barstool was founded by Portnoy in 2003 and is headquartered in New York City. The company’s second largest shareholder prior to the Penn buyout was the Chernin Group.


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Stock futures flat as SP 500 heads for fifth straight

Stock futures flat as S&P 500 heads for fifth straight week of gains

Stock futures were little changed on Friday morning as the S&P 500 looked to be having another positive week.

Futures for the S&P 500 were flat. Futures tied to the Nasdaq 100 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average were also little changed.

The three major moving averages closed marginally higher on Thursday, putting the Dow and S&P 500 on course for a potential week of gains. The S&P 500 is up just 0.08%, but that would still be the fifth consecutive positive week. The Dow is up 0.71% for the week and on course for its fourth positive week in five.

The Nasdaq Composite is down 0.63% this week.

While Wall Street has seen relatively muted movement this week, it follows a solid rally since mid-June.

“The market is consolidating a bit this week, a bit flip-flops. …I think this is still a healthy market,” said Frank Gretz, a technical analyst at Wellington Shields, citing solid pre-down ratios over the past few weeks.

No major economic reports are due on Friday, but investor sentiment could be boosted by a better-than-expected earnings report and an upbeat outlook from semiconductor equipment maker Applied Materials on Thursday night. The company’s shares rose about 2% in extended trading.

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Elon Musk draws attention to Twitters lack of transparency on

Elon Musk draws attention to Twitter’s lack of transparency on ad reviews – TESLARATI

In a response to a recent tweet, Elon Musk emphasized that Twitter avoids sharing how it verifies ads on the platform. Who conducts the audits? Where are the audits? These questions were raised by Andrea Stroppa, who noted that the only information about these audits can be found in a Twitter blog post titled “Expanding our Commitment to Brand Safety.”

Andrea’s reply was part of a short thread that started with a report from Portal. Elon Musk’s lawyers have subpoenaed Integral Ad Science and Double Verify, two ad tech firms cited in the aforementioned Twitter blog post.

What Elon Musk and his legal team want from the two firms is any documents or communications regarding their involvement in reviewing accounts or participating in an audit of Twitter’s user base. Both companies use technology to independently verify whether or not digital ads are being seen by real people.

In response to Andrea’s questions, Elon Musk said Twitter is doing everything in its power to avoid answering those questions. In another tweet, Andrea pointed out that there are many audits in the auto industry and consumers can download a detailed report of the trials and results. Although Twitter makes billions of dollars from selling advertising and thanks the two advertising companies, Andrea isn’t sure what these companies actually do.

Twitter and Elon Musk are currently suing each other, citing spam, bots, fake accounts and fraud.

A study published by Integral Ad Science, one of the companies subpoenaed, is interesting. The 16th edition of the Media Quality Report was released in March 2022, and an interesting fact the study found was that global ad fraud rates “across all formats and environments” increased in the second half of 2021, with rates increasing by 4.1 %.

Germany and Australia saw the highest increases in invalid traffic targeting desktop video campaigns, and these “driven the ‘Optimized for Ads’ fraud rate to nearly 3% in both markets.”

Teslarati contacted Integral Ad Science and Double Verify for comments. So far they haven’t responded, but if they do, we’ll update the article.

Disclaimer: Johnna is Tesla for a long time.

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Elon Musk draws attention to Twitter’s lack of transparency in ad reviews

I try not to be arrogant just confident

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