Carlo Cracco if you still dream about eating his panettone

Carlo Cracco, if you still dream about eating his panettone, stop for a moment: if you realize that it will become a nightmare | What you need to know Street Food

Carlo CraccoCarlo Cracco – Source: Instagram/@carlocracco – Streetfoodnews

If you really want Carlo Cracco's panettone, you have to be clear about something very important about it

The Christmas it would be without a good panettone? Although Christmas dinner, December 25th itself and Boxing Day have just passed, there is still time to enjoy a nice piece of panettone. After all, that's what it's all about a typical dessert of the Christmas tradition, soft, soft and tastier than ever.

For this Christmas 2023 it was certainly one of the panettones that attracted the most attention Carlo Cracco's panettone. Chef, former MasterChef Italia judge and restaurateur: Chef Cracco is always creating something sophisticated and delicious dishes and dessertsthat leave everyone who tries them speechless.

In short, Everyone dreams of trying a piece of Carlo Cracco's panettone. However, on the other hand, it came to light an unexpected secret which is exactly what this classic Cracco Christmas dessert is all about. So if you have any intention of buying it, let's find out together what was leaked.

Actually, Here's what you need to know before buying Carlo Cracco's panettone. This is undoubtedly a detail that is far from irrelevant. Let's see together what we're talking about.

Carlo Cracco: The secret of his panettone revealed

As already explained, Carlo Cracco, former face of the MasterChef Italia jury and well-known Venetian chef, also created a perfect panettone for the Christmas holidays. It's a shame though as this dessert is exquisite hides an unexpected secret.

If you actually dream of buying Carlo Cracco's panettone to make Christmas even more magical, then you definitely need to know the price of the respective dessert. You'll be amazed.

Carlo CraccoThe secret of Cracco's Panettone – Source: Instagram/@carlocracco – Streetfoodnews

The price of Chef Cracco's panettone

How it came out of it Online shop by Carlo Cracco, his classic panettone costs a lot 49 euros. This is therefore quite a high value. However, let us remember that the famous chef has chosen to prepare his Panettone Milano with the highest quality ingredients and that his creations are always refined and of irresistible taste. So basically they are definitely well spent!

Panettone Milano is then prepared candied orange fruits, Raisins and of course not everything is missing Vanilla scent. The peculiarity of this dessert is its own sourdough. You let it rise slowly to get a soft and very soft consistency. In short, a true miracle that weighs a kilo.

As for the other traditional Christmas desserts, in the Cracco Shop we also find, for example: Christmas nougats, The nougat, Cracco's Pandora And Caramel panettone glazed with pistachios. There is something for every taste!

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