1703950587 Carlos Lobaton asks Piero Quispe for calm quotAs we improve

Carlos Lobatón asks Piero Quispe for calm: "As we improve it, we will beat it"

Carlos Lobaton asks Piero Quispe for calm quotAs we improve

One of the biggest hopes for the Peruvian team's near future is Piero Quispe. The 22-year-old midfielder has just traveled to Mexico to join Pumas de la UNAM, his new club after the brilliant 2023 season university. Both in Peru and in the Aztec country, the expectations placed on the footballer are enormous, to the point that they might seem a little excessive, as he indicated. Carlos Lobaton.

The former Sporting Cristal midfielder declared that Quispe was “a great player” but called for calm over the excessive enthusiasm for him. “Loba” referred to the possible criticism that could come to the footballer after high initial praise, a situation that is not uncommon in football.

“Piero Quispe is a great player who is growing and is already a reality, but he does not deserve to be given a certain weight or expectation at national level, because as we promote him, we will beat him.” . He is a boy who we all have to give rest so that he develops optimally,” explained Lobatón when contacted by various media.

The former Rimense captain insisted he would not put a “heavy backpack” on the talented midfielder, but would rather relieve him of the pressure and let him progress at his own pace: “At the moment he is abroad, let him develop at his best, but “Let's not put a heavy backpack on him because he is a boy who can give a lot and we will be happy if he is well.”

What did Piero Quispe say after arriving in Mexico?

As for what awaits him in this new phase of his career, Quispe said he will strive to secure a spot on the team. “I will work hard to win over the fans. You earn it through work. Just because I'm from Peru doesn't mean they will love me. You have to watch me play. I'm leaving.” “To give my best in every training session with a lot of sacrifice and trust,” the footballer explained to the North American country's sports press.