Chiara Ferragni spills the beans on Sanremo Ill tell you

Chiara Ferragni spills the beans on Sanremo: I’ll tell you everything

Clare Ferragni he doesn’t send her to say it. Following the opening of an investigation by Agcom into Instagram’s sponsorship during the 2023 Sanremo Festival, the influencer was targeted by Striscia La Noticeia, which dedicated several services to the story. Everything to understand what the possible commercial sponsorship deals between Rai and the social media giant were.

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Now, however, Chiara Ferragni is interfering in this affair and responding directly to Striscia la Notia with a post on social media: “Maybe the lay people don’t know, but out of respect for them Rai and its viewers, I have decided not to accept any kind of commercial agreement related to the festival. For me, attending was meant to be a way to experiment with a new language by delivering a message of female empowerment, and I’ve always believed that none of this came at a price. Thanks again to everyone who supported me personally and professionally.” Agcom will now clarify how it really went.

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