Christmas is over where to put the Christmas tree now

Christmas is over where to put the Christmas tree now? 5 minutes

Published December 30, 2023, 6:56 pm / ©

The photo shows a Christmas tree.The photo shows a Christmas tree.

Christmas is over and there are still decorated Christmas trees in many rooms in Villach. Where to put?

by Sabrina Tischler

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Does the Christmas tree go in the trash? Should I take it to a collection point? Or can I just leave the Christmas tree somewhere? None of that. At least not in Villach.

No dragging to collection points

In the city of Villach, Villach cleaners take care of Christmas tree disposal. Christmas trees will be removed from Monday 8th January 2024. The tree does not need to be dragged to a collection point and can simply be placed in your household bin. Important: Trees must be free of ornaments and ornaments.

When will my Christmas tree be removed?

When the Christmas tree is collected depends entirely on the garbage collection routes. For single-family homes, this is in accordance with the personal collection plan. In apartment buildings or those that use organic waste bins, Christmas trees are removed as part of organic waste collection. Trash collection tours can be accessed on the trash app or online.