Cia sounds the alarm: "China is poised to invade Taiwan by 2027" | But the "lesson" Ukraine to Russia makes Xi Jinping doubt


The CIA chief is convinced that Xi Jinping has ordered his army to be ready to invade Taiwan “by 2027”. But the Beijing leader is beginning to doubt his ability to do so after witnessing Russia’s debacle in Ukraine. This was stated by the head of the CIA, William Burns, in an interview with Cbs. “It is not certain that China will invade Taiwan in 2027 or any other year,” the agency head said. “Our assessment so far is that Beijing’s army leaders and leaders are not confident in their ability to complete the mission.”

Iran’s nuclear program is progressing rapidly “We see no evidence that they have decided to restart the weapons program, but I think the other dimensions of this challenge are also increasing at a worrying rate,” CIA Director William Burns said in a CBS television interview – Show “Face the Nation”. “As far as we know, we do not believe the Iranian Supreme Leader has yet decided to resume the weapons program, which we believe was suspended or terminated in late 2003,” Burns said. “But the other two pillars of the chair, the enrichment programs, have obviously evolved a lot in recent years,” Burns added. He further noted that Iranians “have come a long way to the point that it would only be a matter of weeks before they could become 90 percent rich if they decided to cross that line. Furthermore, in terms of missile systems, their ability to deliver a nuclear weapon once they develop it is also a step forward.”