City of Edmonton authorizes 1000 fine for excessive vehicle noise

City of Edmonton authorizes $1,000 fine for excessive vehicle noise

The amendment to the municipal charter went into effect immediately and those who receive this fine can challenge it in court.

The vote to approve a traffic code change thus increases the fine from $250 to $1,000 and extends the fine that previously only applied to motorcycles over 92 decibels. Municipal officials could also fine car and truck drivers as much as $162.

Councilor Aaron Paquette supports this change as it focuses on people who intentionally make noise by modifying their muffler or revving up their engine.

I think people have said loud and clear that they’re just sick of these kinds of things [ils sont] literally tired when they wake up at 3am.

Councilwoman Erin Rutherford believes the fine may not solve the root of the problem, as she says you can solve these problems through community connections.

Councilor Andrew Knack clarified that the aim is not to penalize people with defective silencers, but to legislate against people who intentionally disrupt public order.

The City of Edmonton does not yet know the financial impact of this change. In the longer term, the introduction of this fine is expected to have a deterrent effect and gradually reduce the frequency of infringements.

With information from Natascha Riebe