Class action lawsuit against Fortnite Epic Games is dismissed in

Class action lawsuit against “Fortnite”: Epic Games is dismissed in appeals court

Epic Games, the video game giant that notably offers the hugely popular Fortnite title, lost its application to allow an appeal to the Quebec Court of Appeals on Friday. In doing so, the company has not blocked a class action lawsuit alleging that the game in question, which has been a hit among teenagers, among other things, would create an addiction.

A ruling by Judge Guy Cournoyer upholds the class action motion first approved by the Supreme Court on December 7 last year.

The trial dates back to the fall of 2019, when three Quebec parents went to court to denounce the impact of the video game title.

According to the plaintiffs, in addition to the physical and psychological consequences of the cyber addiction caused by the game, the addiction to Fortnite would lead to excessive spending as players would spend lavishly and buy V-Bucks, the value of which would be very difficult to translate into current ones Currency.

These V-Bucks are Fortnite’s own currency, purchased with real-world money and used to obtain cosmetic upgrades and accessories.

Epic Games, in its motion to appeal the class action’s approval, alleged that it did not have an opportunity to be properly heard, in addition to raising other procedural issues, including “errors” related to the first instance verdict.

According to Judge Cournoyer, however, the company’s claims are unfounded; the application for leave to appeal is therefore rejected.