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Commissioner Ricciardi 2: presented the new season of fiction with Lino Guanciale

Today the second season of Commissario Ricciardi was presented, the series based on the books by Maurizio De Giovanni and starring Lino Guanciale. The first episode on March 6 prime time on Rai 1.

Love will be the great protagonist of the second season of Il Commissario Ricciardihit TV series Pillow Linen inspired by the novels that Maurice DeGiovanni dedicated to the commissioner Luigi Alfredo Ricciardi Baron von Malomonte, who solves murder cases in Naples in the 1930s. The protagonist is not only contested by two women, to which a third is added (Bianca Palmieri by Roccaspina), but the other characters will more or less have to deal with this feeling as well. Basically the entire cycle of Ricciardi it is – as he said several times Bake – the chronicle of a sentimental upbringing. And then, before the crimes told in the novels, there’s either money or love.

There second season of Commissioner Ricciardithat are broadcast on Monday prime time on Rai1 from March 6thconsists 4 episodes: Fever, jar of souls, Unnamed serenade And winter swallows. Of these, only three are the implementation of a book, because Fever instead, it is based on a long history. The story centers on the murder of a blind and battered man: Gaspare RumoloThe Ricciardi he learns that he is a “customer”, i.e. a man who, after a conversation with the deceased, offers the winning numbers for the lottery game. Such a narrative choice is consistent with the screenwriters’ need to reiterate at the beginning of the new season the nature of the gift – or curse – of the detective hearing the last words or last thoughts of the victims of a violent death.

Commissioner Ricciardi 2: Gentlemen, perfection is served

The new season of Commissioner Ricciardi was presented this morning in Rome at the Rai headquarters in Viale Mazzini. Of course there was Pillow Linen (Luigi Alfredo Ricciardi), flanked by Antonio Milo (Raffaele Maione), Maria Vera Ratti (Enrico Colombo), Enrico Lanello (Bruno Mode), Serena Iansiti (Livia Lucani). There were also the screenwriters Salvatore Basilica And Viola Ripoli and the director who is no more Alessandro D’Alatri But Gianpaolo Tescari. The producer opened the dance Gabriella Bontempo, who spoke of the meticulous work of the stage and costume designers and explained that the four episodes were shot in Naples and Taranto, which was the setting for the scenes in the lower part of the streets of the Neapolitan city. In short, attention was paid to every single detail, and such a philological reconstruction helped the director a lot. The latter in particular thanked everyone involved second season of the series: “I was very lucky. He chose the performers Alexander they were all of exceptional thickness. You helped me write history. As for the writers, I think they not only managed to develop the main characters but also did a great job with the new characters and built a great truth around and within them. The cinematographer’s contribution was fundamental Marcello Montarsito which I said, “Our model is Victor Storaroor rather his photo ne The Conformist From Bernard Bertolucci‘ I was surrounded by people who put their heart and soul into this project.”

Commissioner Ricciardi 2 presented the new season of fiction with

From the novels of De Giovanni to the TV series

Among those who certainly did not spare themselves, we must certainly include the authors of the screenplay Salvatore Basilica And Viola Ripoli. The first, after reaffirming the centrality of love in the new season, expressed his awe for the popular book series Maurice DeGiovanni: “We have a tremendous responsibility when we bring a novel out of cycle Ricciardi on TV. Each reader has their own imagination and builds their own image of Naples and the characters. I never want to take the place of our actors, who sort of destroyed those images, gave all the characters a face, and created a short circuit with the viewer. Thankfully, audiences seem to have fully embraced this transition from imagination to visual reality.”

“For me, this second season was a playground” – he added Viola Ripoli – “because once a language has been found and the main difficulty of this literary character, who speaks very little and thinks a lot and is therefore very complicated to stage in the television world, overcome, Ricciardi he started to live his own life and with him all the other characters”.

Lino Guanciale: the supernatural actor

The focus was on the group of talents queuing in front of the reporters Pillow LinenThe Maurice DeGiovanni he called “Italy’s most supernatural actor”. I’m glad to have reassumed a character that loves deeply, Linen reiterated the importance of his “encounter” with Louis Alfred: “I consider myself an extremely lucky man because throughout my professional career I have always had the opportunity to have characters available who could deeply question me. In this case I had to climb a very high mountain because this character was invented by Maurice DeGiovannitogether with the web of relationships that he has, or the world around him, and which then constitutes the fascination of these novels, was a wonderful challenge that he had to accept. Ricciardi He was a character who treated everything in subtraction, which I hadn’t done as often on other occasions. Obviously I was worried about the reaction of the readers who loved this saga very much but I was lucky that I had the opportunity to imagine something Ricciardi not only in the stillness of my reading, but also when I had to stage them. It was a great game, a very serious game, but still a game.”

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Two women for one man

As we found out in season 1, the dark one Ricciardi He is loved by two very different women: the opera singer Livia Lucani – elegant, beautiful and worldly – and the teacher Enrico Colombo, who lives in the building opposite the commissioner’s window. The first has the face of Serena IansitMe, who, without spoiling too much, shared what will happen to his character: “Livia she doesn’t give up, on the contrary, out of sheer desperation she takes a rather dangerous slope that will make her make mistakes and also lose her charm and composure. We will see them drinking and smoking. In short, he’s going to be a bit of a friggin’ rock star.”

Enrico Colombotall, slim and shy, has the face of Maria Vera Rattiwhat he said: “Enrika she doesn’t drink, she doesn’t smoke, but she doesn’t give up either. He clumsily tries to break away from it RicciardI, and such an attitude is indicative of the great despair this poor girl feels, but we find her grown up. I grew up with it Enrika, because it was the role I was training for, because when I started I was still studying. In the first season, I approached the role with great excitement, with the same fear that is intrinsic to the character. but now Enrika he has more awareness and more courage, a little bit like me”.

Raffaele Maione and his family

The Commissioner Ricciardi he has two great friends who make his increasingly torturous existence easier. Let’s talk about the Brigadier Raffaele Maionewho helps him with his examinations, and the anatomopathologist Bruno Modewho performs autopsies. mayonnaise He has the smile and imposing physicality of Antonio Miloa versatile Neapolitan actor, who presented himself fully dressed when meeting the journalists: “I like to think that the Brigadier mayonnaise They represent a part of Naples,” he explained, “which is the most welcoming. The solidity of character made me think of a loved one, my grandfather. In the first season raphael lives with his wife Lucy and the family’s grief over the disappearance of their eldest son and somehow manages to process it. Obviously the wound always remains open, but let’s say now mayonnaiseand it has to do with another problem: dealing with children and their future”.

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Bruno Modo and love

Concludes the synopsis of the actors playing the main characters Commissioner Ricciardi 2 Enrico Ianniello alias Bruno Modecertainly less melancholy than his friend Louis Alfred and happier: “Bruno ModeShe drinks, unlike almost everyone else, drinks, makes love, eats, behaves like a womanizer and does it with great joy. It’s like the character is a great giver of joy, and that’s his coolest quality. He was a bachelor in the first season, while this year the writers were very good at tripping him up a horrible leg because Brunor fall in love lina. I’m just saying that many tears will be shed and that Modo will discover that loving one person is not the same as loving many people.”

The interview with director Gianpaolo Tescari

Before the press conference of Commissioner Ricciardi 2we had the pleasure of meeting the director Gianpaolo Tescari. Here is our exclusive interview: