1703946746 Corona attacks the Ferragnez complaints confidential agreements and the Pandoro

Corona attacks the Ferragnez: complaints, confidential agreements and the Pandoro

Fabrizio Corona is cracking down on the influencer couple, revealing details about their previous agreements and criticizing Chiara's entire Pandoro scandal

Published on: December 30, 2023 12:51:00Riccardo Greco

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In recent years, Fabrizio Corona has launched a series of attacks against Fedez and Chiara Ferragni, resulting in him being embroiled in three lawsuits over his repeated comments about the couple. In a recent interview on Peppy Night, The former “King of the Paparazzi” has released a few statements about the so-called “Pandoro goal”. in which the couple Chiara Ferragni and Fedez were involved. But then he went into even more private details that concern his interpersonal and, above all, legal relationships with the influencer duo. We shed light on some previously unseen and surprising details about their shared background.

The confidential agreements and the maximum compensation

Galeotto was the Peppy Night show hosted by Peppe Iodice, who hosted the well-known gossip dealer Fabrizio Corona in the last episode. The interview with the former paparazzi king was the perfect opportunity to talk about his tensions with a powerful couple in Italian show business: the Ferragnez. Corona has made this clear in the past he had to compensate them one million euros for moral damage, Million, who was subscribed thanks to an agreement that stipulated that he would never have to speak about the influencer couple again. In this context, Fabrizio said: “We have a huge problem with them.” My lawyer Ivano Chiesa called me and told me that the sentence had expired, but that The problem was three complaints from Ferragnez. One because I gave them idiots, in the end they asked me for a million, always the million in circulation. They wanted that million from me. Always a ride. However, in the end we signed an agreement where I would no longer speak about them and they would withdraw the complaint. But at this point there is a however. Today This about the Pandoro is a national news story. So it’s not like they can force me not to comment and not to say what I think about an issue of national importance.”

Corona's opinion on pandoro-gate

In fact, here we come to the most sensitive and interesting topic of Corona's interview, when the man says: “I committed extortion in the course of my work, but I paid a lot.” Here Codacons presented 104 exhibits. Because every person who has bought the Pandoro can report that they were cheated. So let's eliminate the controversy and gossip. They investigated me for everything I did. However, I'm not making any judgments now I expect the judiciary to intervene. Because if he doesn't intervene, something is wrong. You should open a case. She said she would appeal the verdict. He attacked the so-called non-journalist (Selvaggia Lucarelli), we have reached a level where You've hit rock bottom. But the one who is smart now is Meloni. What should the Ferragnez do? In my opinion It would be better if they didn't talk on social media for at least a month“.

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