1676931980 Cusco FCs legal adviser explains why 1190 will broadcast their

Cusco FC’s legal adviser explains why 1190 will broadcast their game: "we have been forced"

Cusco FCs legal adviser explains why 1190 will broadcast their

Maxwell Callo spoke about the events leading up to the clash between the Cusqueño team and Alianza Atlético.

FC Cusco defeated Alianza Atlético 2-1 on day five of the Apertura tournament League 1 Betsson 2023. Before this match, commissioner Johana Villacrez informed the local team that if they refused entry to the 1190 Sports Broadcast teams, the duel could not start. Eventually, the Cusqueño team allowed the game to be broadcast on the Liga 1 Max signal.

With this in mind, Maxwell Callo, legal adviser to the imperialists, gave an interview to GolPerú and recounted all the details that had transpired before the start of this game.

“We were practically forced into a decision. The analysis was there immediately, we had no opportunity to negotiate. It was: It will not be played if there is no transmission. What would the result be if we hadn’t played that game? Only the federation knows because according to the regulations we believe nothing would happen,” he said.

In addition, the lawyer pointed out that the other clubs have no agreement with him Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) They must take their precautions so that a similar thing does not happen to them in their obligations as locals.

“Yesterday’s actions (Sunday) are a precedent, so the clubs playing at home that day are already making the predictions from a legal point of view. I understand that they will take all necessary precautions to avoid such a situation. ” . Nature”

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