Dangerous potatoes be very careful with these pre fried potatoes

Dangerous potatoes, be very careful with these pre fried potatoes: you run a very big risk | Check if you haven't already bought them Street Food News.it

Called pre-baked potatoes from the marketCalled pre-baked potatoes from the market. Streetfoodnews.it

A recall for frozen french fries has been posted on the Department of Health website.

The crescent Attention to the food sector has recently led to a large number of laws affecting the entire supply chain from the cultivation or breeding of raw materials to the production, distribution and sale of the end product.

With the aim of protect the health of consumersThe relevant authorities carry out hundreds of checks, which may be random or motivated by a relevant report. Those who control are the so-called NAS, Anti-Adulteration and Health Unit of the Carabinieria special body composed of food sector experts reporting directly to the Ministry of Health.

Also call back They can occur during random checks or be reported by the manufacturer himself, who has noticed anomalies late in production that could harm the health of the consumer.

There can be many reasons for a recall, starting with the most serious cases such as: Contamination by bacteria or other pathogensup to Presence of foreign bodies, which can be just as dangerous. These errors can be due to machine errors or human carelessness, as in the case of pre-fried potatoes recalled from the market.

Pre-fried potatoes recalled from the market

A recall action for the mentioned product was published on the Ministry of Health website on November 13, 2023 Pre-fried potato wedges of the brand Lamb Weston and distributed by F.lli Lando Spa. The product can be identified by Production batch L 3280 comes from the factory Lamb Weston with headquarters at STATIONSWEG 18A PO BOX 17 E ZG KRUININGEN – in the Netherlands.

The provision could particularly affect establishments that supply food to the public, as it concerns the 2.5 kg pack, which is rarely used in households. In any case, the product has an expiry date of March 28, 2025 on the packaging.

Market recall of Lamb Weston pre-fried potato wedgesMarket recall of Lamb Weston pre-fried potato wedges. Streetfoodnews.it

Potatoes recalled due to gluten and packaging defects

The recall was apparently triggered by a Errors during the product packaging phase, from what we have read about the reasons, in the bags with regular potatoes, but with potatoes with peppers. The manufacturer warns against this Presence of gluten which is instead found in pepper potatoes.

By law, the presence of gluten in a food must be marked accordingly on the packaging to eliminate any possible risk for people with an intolerance.

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