Dangerous sesame seeds pay attention to these they contain salmonella

Dangerous sesame seeds, pay attention to these: they contain salmonella | If you bought them, throw them away immediately Street Food News.it

Sesame seeds recalled from the marketSesame seeds recalled from the market. Streetfoodnews.it

Salmonella alarm on a batch of sesame seeds that was immediately recalled from the market after a random check.

THE Sesame seeds They are probably one of the oldest seed cultures in the history of agriculture, according to Indian legend they have divine origin as they come directly from the earth Tears of Vishnu.

The historical finds found show that he was already working for food use between 3500 and 3000 BC. BCApparently it was used for oil production in Turkey as early as 2,750 years ago, and further confirmation comes from excavations in ancient Babylon with traces of sesame dating back 4,000 years ago. The nutritional and medicinal properties This precious food was also valued by the ancient Egyptians, who mention it in the Heritage Papyrus from around 1550 BC. Mention.

And indeed, Sesame seeds have long been used in the medical field to make compresses for ulcers and burns, while the oil was rubbed on the body or even on the eyes, or taken to combat gonorrhea. However, today they are used primarily in cooking and are highly valued for their remarkable nutritional properties, being rich in group B vitamins, calcium and iron, in addition to helping to keep cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood under control.

THE Sesame seeds contain very fine oils which can become rancid if stored improperly, which is why they should be stored in a glass jar in a cool, dry place away from light. Unfortunately, sesame can be exposed to one of the most important foodborne pathogens, such as: Salmonellawhich often spreads due to contamination of irrigation water.

Sesame seeds recalled from the market

On November 9, 2023, the recall for the mentioned product was published on the Ministry of Health website “Peeled sesame seeds, 200 g Sesame Tuscany” of the brand HELIO.

The affected batch is the number 23003716 produced in HELIO factory based in Poland (Spolka Akcyjna, 05-083, Wygledy, Stolecna 26). The product is marketed in Packs of 200 grams and they report on it Expiration date 01/2025.

Remember shelled HELIO sesame seedsRemember shelled HELIO sesame seeds. Streetfoodnews.it

Salmonella risk in sesame seeds

According to the information in the provision, the reason for the recall is “receiving information about …” Detection of salmonella bacteria in the batch mentioned in 1 of the tested samples, taken from one of the stores.

The warning to everyone who bought it is: Under no circumstances should you consume the productbut rather to return it directly to the store where it was purchased, which will take care of the return.

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