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DIRECT. War in Ukraine: Many rallies planned in France in support of Kiev


1,388 children killed or injured

According to the latest prosecutor’s report, 461 children have been killed and 927 injured since the conflict began. In addition, 3,126 schools were hit in bombing raids and 438 destroyed.


The Pope received a metal bracelet from Azovstal

Pope Francis accepted the gift and now wears a bracelet made of metal from the former Azovstal site, where hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers died between March and April 2022.


Ukraine issued a postage stamp with a reproduction of a mural by Banksy

Ukraine has issued a postage stamp to commemorate the first anniversary of the Russian invasion with a reproduction of a Banksy mural of a boy beating an adult man in judo. It was painted by the British street artist on a demolished wall in the town of Borodianka, northwest of Kiev. The image is inspired by Russian President Vladimir Putin, known for being a black belt in judo, and shows a young judoka, representing Ukraine, knocking down a grown man. The phrase “Get lost Putin” has been added to the bottom left of the new stamp.

DIRECT War in Ukraine Many rallies planned in France inAFP


Japan imposes new sanctions on Russia

Following the United States, the EU and Canada, the Japanese government has decided to extend sanctions against the Russian Federation over the situation in Ukraine. New restrictions will be associated with freezing the assets of Russian individuals, organizations and financial institutions.


Biden rejects the idea of ​​China mediating in Ukraine

Joe Biden has openly dismissed the idea of ​​China’s mediating role in Ukraine-Russia peace talks. “The idea that China will negotiate the outcome of a war that is completely unfair to Ukraine is simply not rational,” he said.


Russia appears to have used up its current stock of Iranian-made drones

According to the British Ministry of Defense, Russia appears to have exhausted its stock of Iranian drones. “Since around February 15, 2023, there have been no reports of the deployment of Iranian single-use unmanned attack aerial vehicles (OWA-UAVs) in Ukraine,” the ministry said. Previously, Ukrainian Armed Forces reported shooting down at least 24 Shahed-136 OWA UAVs between late January and early February 2023. “Russia will probably look for supplies. Although the weapons don’t work well in destroying intended targets, Russia likely sees them as useful decoys that can distract Ukrainian air defenses from more effective Russian cruise missiles.”


Explosions were heard in Nikopol, Kryvyi Rih, Kherson and in the Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk regions.


All of Ukraine was put on air raid alert


Belarusian President Lukashenko’s visit to China next week

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko will travel to China on an official visit from Tuesday to Thursday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.

Lukashenko is a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin and backed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, on which Belarus is financially and politically dependent.

Xi Jinping and Alexander Lukashenko had already announced a strategic partnership in September last year.


Heavy damage during the night in the Nikopol region

Russian troops shelled the Nikopol region during the night. A gas pipeline, power transmission lines and several infrastructures were damaged. According to the local government, three educational institutions, an administrative building, two private companies and a shop were badly affected. The same applies to ten multi-family houses and eleven single-family houses. No human tribute was given.


$10 billion in additional aid

The US announced an additional $10 billion in aid to Ukraine. In a press release, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the package includes budget support for the Ukrainian government and energy assistance to help Ukrainians “suffering from Russia’s attacks.” The package includes $250 million that will be spent on meeting “immediate needs” such as power grid equipment. The statement added that Washington has begun disbursing $9.9 billion in additional budget support to the Ukrainian government through the World Bank’s Public Expenditure Mechanism for the Durability of Administrative Capacity (PEACE).


A war year through our photographer’s lens


The US will react if China supplies lethal weapons to China

President Joe Biden said in an ABC interview that he does not expect China to provide Russia with significant aid in the form of arms to help Moscow in its war against Ukraine. However, he warned that such an action would provoke an American reaction. “I don’t see any major initiative by China to supply arms to Russia,” he said, adding that if that were the case, “we would respond with sanctions.”


Zelenskyy is planning a meeting with the Chinese President

“I plan to meet Xi Jinping. This will be important for global security. China respects territorial integrity and must do everything possible to ensure Russia leaves Ukraine’s territory,” the Ukrainian president said on Friday.

Two days ago we considered the possibility that Beijing could give up its neutrality towards the Ukraine conflict. Find our article.


New western sanctions

Washington and its G7 allies on Friday announced a new volley of sanctions against Russia, but also against European companies and businessmen suspected of supplying military equipment to Moscow. A new package of European sanctions was also passed after being blocked for a time by Warsaw, which saw this latest move as “too weak”.


Many rallies in support of Ukraine

At the call of several associations, rallies in support of Ukraine have been taking place in France and around the world since yesterday. This Saturday, rallies are taking place throughout the day and in several cities in France such as Paris, Lyon or Lille and Marseille, a year after the country was invaded by the Russians.


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And welcome to this direct message dedicated to the war in Ukraine, which entered its second year as of yesterday.