Does Fedez have another one The photo terrifies Chiara Ferragni

Does Fedez have another one? The photo terrifies Chiara Ferragni: take care of the girl

fedezAfter a short break, he returned to social media with a series of stories published on his Instagram profile, in which he is shown with his children in a super luxury house in Sardinia leonand, 5 years, and victory2, to the friend and companion of “Wild Moss”, David Marrahis girlfriend and OnlyFans model Alex Mucci and another one mysterious girl. The wife of the Milanese rapper, entrepreneur and influencer Clare Ferragni, there is not. Because it would be in Sicily for professional reasons.

Yes, because while the group is playing Taboo – a well-known board game – we see a sensational detail that is causing great concern to fans of Fedez and Chiara Ferragni. In fact, Fedez and Davide Marra are not alone but in good company. Besides the beautiful and tattooed Alex Mucci, who is Marra’s partner, there was actually a young woman whose identity is unknown but you can see her nail polish of hands in light blue color. When she tries to get her boyfriend Alex to guess Taboo’s name, only her voice can be heard. Who will this mysterious girl be? And will Chiara Ferragni be worried by this presence? Surely the followers on social media have gone crazy…

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