Driver who hit Kayky Brito rejects offer of more than

Driver who hit Kayky Brito rejects offer of more than R$500,000 TV

Diones Coelho da Silva, who ran over Kayky Brito in early September, said he rejected an offer of more than R$500,000 for advertising on the networks. The driver also warned this Thursday (21) that there are fake profiles asking for donations in his name. “That’s not what drives me,” he explained.

The specialist, who raised more than R$ 170,000 in a fundraiser to repair the car, published a video on his Instagram profile. “I came here to make some clarifications. I got some comments on the seal that I’ve now reviewed, things like that,” he began.

“But the reason they even told me was that they were creating fake profiles and demanding money, taking advantage of the situation,” Silva added, going further:

I did this so people could see what my profile really is. My goal here is not to ask for money or pictures, but to talk about the love of Jesus and give a word to those who need it.

“My heart isn’t attached to money, that’s not what moves me, that’s not what I was looking for. I have already rejected more than R$ 500,000 these days from proposals to insert links in stories for the publication of games and bets,” he continued.

Eventually, Diones even sent a message to Brito. “Let us continue to pray for him to get out of this situation. That he returns to his family, because that is my heart’s desire,” he concluded.

How is Kayky Brito?

Kayky Brito’s health status was updated on Monday (18). The 34yearold actor is showing progress in his clinical condition and has undergone physiotherapy and speech therapy sessions. The artist is in the Copa D’Or hospital in the south of Rio de Janeiro.

“The Copa D’Or Hospital informs that the patient Kayky Fernandes Brito is showing good clinical evolution and is cooperating with speech therapy and physiotherapy procedures,” the latest medical bulletin said.