Éder Militão refrains from suing Karoline Lima for moral damages after reaching a settlement

Finally peace! After Karoline Lima and Éder Militão agreed on the pension of Cecília, the couple’s daughter, the international withdrew from the lawsuit for nonpecuniary damages that he had filed against the influencer at the end of June.

At the time, Militão filed an injunction in the form of emergency guardianship, asking Karoline to pledge not to publish anything else that would disqualify him. When the player filed the lawsuit, Karol was pregnant and demanded compensation of R$45,000.

The lawsuit was triggered by a video that Karol posted on Instagram during her pregnancy. When asked how she was doing and why Éder isn’t with her, the influencer replied that the player can be found “in the best clubs in Miami”. Karoline deleted the post shortly after posting and the video was up in the air for less than 10 minutes.

Agreement between Karoline Lima and Éder Militão provides for pension, car, school and housing; know what has been defined

Éder Militão and Karoline Lima while they were still waiting for Cecília Éder Militão and Karoline Lima while still waiting for Cecília Photo: Instagram / Reproduction

Karol and Militão reached an agreement on Cecilia’s pension this week. It was agreed in court that the Real Madrid defender would have to pay six minimum wages, the equivalent of R$ 7,272.00, to feed Cecília.

In addition, Éder bears all the expenses of the girl’s education of only three months and is responsible for paying for unlimited extracurricular activities for her daughter. Cecília’s healthcare plan is also paid for by her father, as is the work of the nanny, the maid.

Militão will also pay part of the rent for the house where Cecília will live with her mother. In this case, it was agreed that the player must provide R$ 10,000 for his daughter’s accommodation. So if Karol moves into an apartment where the rent is R$20,000, everyone pays R$10,000. In addition to the housing allowance, the player also pays R$ 30,000 to guarantee the property.

Éder Militão, who earns R100,000 a day at Real Madrid, is proposing to pay his daughter a R6,000 pension

Karol Lima is Cecilia's mother Karol Lima is Cecília’s mother Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The defender also offered Karoline a car to transport Cecília. While the influencer doesn’t get her driver’s license, Éder will also pay for a private driver.

As before, Cecília will have shared custody and Militão’s visits to his daughter will be free.

This Tuesday, Karoline Lima announced that her defense and that of Éder Militão reached an agreement: “We reached an agreement, thank God, and this dispute between Cecília and Co. is over.”

“It even makes you cry. Thank God good things come to those who are good, to those who do the right thing, to those who don’t weigh their conscience, to those who aren’t afraid. Solve. Everything was a mess in my life, but I knew it would be sorted out,” gushed the influencer.

End of dispute: Karoline Lima and Éder Militão agree on child support

Caroline Lima Karoline Lima Photo: Reproduction/Instagram Caroline Lima Karoline Lima Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

After saying that today was the day to celebrate, Karol posted photos and videos at the beauty salon and changed her hair. Taking to Twitter, she said she was getting comments from people saying “it’s already supported by child support.”

“Oh, people think I’m fixing my hair with pension money. Love, if you knew how much that hair on my head costs,” she joked.

“FYI, my Mega only costs 14,000 reais. To color it, color my hair, moisturize, brush… It wouldn’t even start playing, my dears. The agreement became Cecília’s benefit and go ahead met hers. My lovely benefits come (and always have) out of mom’s pocket,” he concluded.

Caroline Lima Karoline Lima Photo: Reproduction/Gabriel Correia/Instagram

Militão’s name made headlines last month after he claimed in a second lawsuit he filed against Karol that he could only pay R$6,060.00 in child support for the couple’s 3monthold daughter while he was on a 7month contract has signed at Real Madrid per year until 2025.

Also, the player stated that he was surprised by Karoline’s pregnancy. According to the petition, “There is a percentage of women who operate in a total and complete inversion of values ​​and believe that having a child is a means of gaining some wealth.”

Karoline Lima, ex and mother of Militão’s daughter, pokes fun at the player’s complaints: “Emotionally and psychologically destroyed”

Karoline Lima did a rehearsal before the birth of Cecília, her first daughter: without Éder Militão Karoline Lima rehearsed with Cecília, her first child, before she was born: without Éder Militão Photo: ray of light/ instagram rep

At the end of October, the influencer returned to Brazil, with permanent residence in São Paulo, where she already lived before moving to Spain.

The reason Karoline did not return to Brazil sooner was waiting for Cecília’s documents, which could only be issued in Spain. She had already said that once the papers were issued, she would return to the Brazilian lands with the child.

Karoline Lima returns to Brazil with Éder Militão next week, accompanied by her daughter, and will live in São Paulo

Karoline Lima and Eder Militao Karoline Lima and Eder Militao

Karol moved to Madrid to live with Militão in August 2021, three months before she became pregnant. Their relationship ended before Cecília was born, but after the birth, the influencer changed her address in the same city.

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