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Evangeline Lilly Told Michael Douglas He Was a ‘GILF’ on ‘Ant-Man’ Set: He Had ‘No Idea’ What It Was

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Evangeline Lilly just follows her basic instinct when it comes to respecting two legendary heartthrobs.

The Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania actress said she told co-stars Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer that they were “GILFs,” aka “grandparents, who I’d like to, uh, be intimate with.” “. The only problem with her big NSFW compliment? Douglas had no idea what that meant.

“There was this day on set, we were shooting a scene in a restaurant and we were in a waiting room, so they were filming the waiting room with extras and there were kids. I turned to Michael and Michelle and said, ‘You know, you guys are real GILFs,'” Lilly recalled during “The Jonathan Ross Show” (via The Chron). “Michael had no idea. He said, “What is a GILF?” Instead of staying cool, I said to a room full of kids, ‘This is a grandpa I’d like to fuck.'”

Lilly continued, “And then I immediately realized that I had told Michael Douglas that I would like to fuck him, which is not something you should say in front of a bunch of kids, oops!”


The Lost alum added that both Douglas and Pfeiffer are “so cool.”

“You don’t want to meet your icons because you’re afraid they’ll disappoint you,” Lilly said, “and the three [with Bill Murray] are cooler than you think. They are amazing.”

Of course, “Romancing the Stone” actor Douglas and “Scarface” icon Pfeiffer are Hollywood icons who’ve had their fair share of sex symbol status stories.

Pfeiffer was recently responding to the continued admiration for her signature sensual character, Catwoman in 1992’s Batman Returns, who is adept in spandex and a whip. “It’s really like this character has nine lives,” Pfeiffer told IndieWire. “It just keeps coming back.”

Speaking of her role in the MCU, Pfeiffer added, “I loved the first ‘Ant-Man.’ The tone was so unusual, so unexpected for one of those films. It was just very clever and very funny. They’re fun, they’re challenging. Sometimes you’re on set and in front of the green screen and you’re in this suit and you can’t move and you don’t relate to anything and you’re like, ‘Why? I do that? What is that?’ But at the end of the day it’s a lot of fun.”