An interview at Tout le monde en parle causes confusion

Everyone’s talking about it: The guests of Sunday February 26 –

Host Marie-Claude Barrette will be among the guests of ‘Everybody’s Talking About’ this Sunday, February 26, just over a week after announcing her end of contract with TVA.

Queer Eye series co-host Antoni Porowski will be speaking about his new cookbook, Antoni: Let’s Do Dinner.

Author and lecturer Sophie Reis presents her book A Cancer as a Gift, which was published by Trécarré earlier this week.

Guy A. Lepage will also speak with Laurent Paquin, René Simard and Normand D’Amour about the play Le Diner de Cons, which will be shown in several Quebec theaters over the next few months.

Also worth mentioning is the very good feature film by Raymond St-Jean Crépuscule pour un tueur with the actor Éric Bruneau, who plays the main role of the assassin Donald Lavoie.

Finally, the question of artificial intelligence will be discussed with the law professor of the University of Montreal and co-chair of the working group on responsible AI Catherine Régis and Yoshua Bengio, scientific director of the Mila – Institut québécois d’intelligence Industrielle and scientific director of IVADO.

All Talking About It will be broadcast on ICI Télé on Sundays at 8pm.