Ferragni the new controversy revolves around Valentina39s birthday cake Rain

Ferragni, the new controversy revolves around Valentina's birthday cake: Rain of criticism

Valentina Ferragni, Chiara Ferragni's young sister, celebrated her thirty-first birthday, catching the attention of her 4.6 million followers on Instagram. The influencer enthusiastically shared the festive moments of December 29th in numerous stories on social media. The day started with lunch outside the house, documented with footage showing a festive and joyful atmosphere. Valentina then received numerous wishes from her friends and from her partner Matteo, who presented her with a bouquet of flowers. Friends, sister Francesca and brother-in-law attended the celebrations, although the absence of Chiara Ferragni and Fedez from the pictures was conspicuous.

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One element that caught everyone's attention was the birthday cake in Barbie pink tones with the ironic inscription: “31 but still towing 2000”, a playful reference to her age difference with her boyfriend. While some fans appreciated the gimmick and called it “nice,” others found it boring and repetitive given other similar releases in recent weeks. The comments under the post reflect a mix of reactions. Some followers, Il Fatto points out, ironically highlighted the age of “2000”, while others pushed Valentina to find new subjects to shape her personality. “How much longer will he have to confirm that he is working with 2000?”, a comment from a fan that received many likes. But others vigorously defended it. “My birthday cake is different,” reads the post by Ferragni, who ignored the numerous critics and celebrated her 31st birthday among the people closest to her.

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