Filippo Bisciglia absurd background on Temptation Island this is what

Filippo Bisciglia, absurd background on Temptation Island: this is what he does with the camera off Lineadiretta24

Filippo Bisciglia Lineadiretta24

Filippo Bisciglia, the popular Mediaset Networks conductor and background on Temptation Island. Spectators are speechless.

Monday night’s broadcast on Canale 5 is in full swing temptation island. The Journey into the feelings It is great Successalthough the participating couples all sit together strangers. Little by little they came out very interesting for spectators, as well some vicissitudes that came to life in between She hey tempter and the seductresses.

Ifjust for comparison They have touched a lot, but also done argue. temptation island convinces more and more and for this reason it is done a winter edition. This is not a background rumor, but reality, as the announcement was made a few weeks ago when the Mediaset schedules.

However, it is not known whether in this case too we will find an impeccable team at the helm in terms of management Philip Bisciglia. Right now the conductor is enjoying the success of the traditional edition to the full and never stops Thanks viewers for the share the results achieved.

Filippo Bisciglia and the unpublished background

This happens on Tuesdays, i.e. on the next broadcast day a video recorded in his car, which he then uploads to social networks. He had also expressed his bitterness during the final debate through a video L’Island of the Famous for his partner’s exit via flash televoting pamela Camassa.

Love underneath it’s going at full speedbut still No mention of marriage. She also visited him on the set of temptation island in Sardinia, where they celebrated his birthday together. Now Philip has revealed a previously unreleased background on just the journey of emotions. He did so during a lengthy interview with TV Sorrisi E Canzoni.

Filippo Bisciglia Lineadiretta24

What does it do when the cameras are off?

“If I do voiceover Where I’m not tricked And just hear my voiceme at this moment, to make the story even more exciting, me I get up, I read and i move I gesture because I think it is Storytelling comes more‘ blurted out the conductor. And in the end he also made a clear reference to his great teacher for his professional behavior.

We’re talking about them De Filippi. He did this with the words: “Besides, I learn and steal from the best.” Surely Maria was very happy to read these statements, also because the appreciation is mutual. So much so that she was dying to have it featured in a special edition of a few years ago Friendswhere the former Gieffino his skills as showman.