1652736392 For Ferrari there is no other Maradona he vetoed Justin.webp

For Ferrari, there is no other Maradona: he vetoed Justin Bieber for breaking a historic rule

The company, founded by Enzo Ferrari, decided not to sell any more cars to the Canadian singer because he had taken a action that Diego was allowed to do.

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There’s something that’s always been clear, but seems to keep getting confirmed: Diego Armando Maradona there is only one. Whatever the field is. Witness, this is now Justin Bieberwho was Ferrari vetoed who made the decision Don’t sell you more cars because you broke a historical rule of the brand, something the Argentine star was forgiven for at the time.

For Ferrari there is no other Maradona he vetoed Justin

The company founded by EnzoFerrari has certain customs that must be followed, something the Canadian singer has not done. First, a standard of use and maintenance is required of its owners, something Justin broke through and joins Stars Kim Kardashian and the former boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.. The singer who had two road accidents on a Ferrari He painted the 458 Italia model blue, which the brand strictly prohibited, but Maradona managed to do.

1652736391 16 For Ferrari there is no other Maradona he vetoed Justin.webp

After becoming champion of Mexico World Cup 1986 with the Argentina national team, Diego Armando Maradona, that just happened Napleshe asked his deputy William Coppolaget him one Ferrari F40 Testarossa but black. Since this was very difficult to achieve, they found Enzo Ferrari himself, who refused. “Black? There is no such thing as black color! My Ferraris can’t be any color other than red!” answered. Eventually they agreed as it was Maradona and Diego had his black Ferrari and started a trend that Sylvester Stallone and Michael Jordan joined.

Maradona Ferrari Black

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