Gabriel talks about prioritizing allies at BBB 23: “I’m not prioritizing today” Splash

Gabriel Santana and Marvvila talked to Bruna Griphao and Larissa about the next steps in BBB 23 (Globo) game. The groups Deserto and Fundo do Mar remain rivals, but now the personal struggles are taking more form.

Marvvila told Aline that she would vote for Sapato, and the fighter didn’t want to know. After a chat with Fred Nicácio, the brothers discussed each other’s priorities in the house.

Marvvilla: “Now the game is very limited and it has to become personal things. It has to become a very personal thing. Still with a group thing… We need to reconsider if it’s really worth it”

Larissa: “If we don’t look beyond affinity…”

Marvvilla: “Yes, I agree with you there. This thing with ‘Oh, I have no affinity for one or the other’, that’s coming to an end. It’s already over for me. It’s over. I knew that from the formation of Paredão I wanted to disagree with someone. But then I was fed up. My arguments are already gone. Now it’s about disagreeing with me and that moment will come.

gabriel: “One thing I said to Bruna today: I’m not asking for reciprocity as I’m speaking from my side. I’ve spoken to part of my group. There are people in my group today that I no longer prioritize. Bruna , today I’m prioritizing and you two (Fred and Larissa) are my priority. Marvvila and Sarinha are my priority. But in three weeks I know the people in my group aren’t a priority and you do.”

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