Gemini horoscope for today November 6 2022 Moderate your frustration

Gemini, today’s horoscope February 26, 2023: You will receive visits to help you

Advice Your horoscope for this Sunday and see what the predictions are for love, health and more.

Twins, Your horoscope tells us to avoid being hostile or unkind when speaking as this can have very serious consequences for you which Lilith in your 3rd house wishes for you.

forecast of the day

Today is a good day to spend at home and enjoy with the people you love and who are very close to you because happiness radiates its positive energy in your home 4 and that is why it is possible that the best things come from your home.


You may have visitors or visit interesting people who will help you keep peace of mind and emotions through the harmonious and positive abilities that Libra in your 5th house can offer you.


You need to be extremely clean and hygienic with your sex life as it is a very important factor for you as Scorpio is in the 6th house and its correspondence is in your body with your genital area so taking care of this area is your guarantor for health.


You can improve many of the tendencies that may appear in your work at the level of gossip or misunderstanding by not giving them more space in your life and not spreading them, thereby improving your work environment and using a quality that Scorpio possesses at home owns 6.


You have a great connection to your emotions and they can be the engine for new endeavors where your positive connection to your feelings and emotions allows you to keep your power in these new activities you undertake.

few prediction

Try to spend time alone with your partner and if they can get out into nature and share their perspectives and learnings, with Sagittarius influence in your House 7 this will be something great and very suitable for you.


Love: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
Friendship: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
Labor: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
sexual energy: good

Advice of the day

You will improve many of the qualities you must possess to be able to connect socially, but to do this you must try to be with people who are similar to you, so your friend groups may be reduced in order for you to connect can connect much better ways.

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