Gf Vip Edoardo to Micol Lets move in together Ill

Gf Vip, Edoardo to Micol: “Let’s move in together, I’ll bring you breakfast in bed at 6 p.m.”

Edward Tavassi And Micol Incorvaia are two of the great protagonists of this edition of GF VIP. The couple is very popular with viewers and also with users Social: At Twitter The hashtag was also created “I became angry”. Edward he is very thoughtful and sweet towards micol to which he keeps dedicating sweet words and thoughts, just like it happened a while ago.

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Edward Tavassi has reached Micol Incorvaia in the hair and make-up area of ​​the house Big Brother VIP. The younger sister of Clizia Incorvaia In fact, she rearranged her hair as her boyfriend gave her a hug and said, “You know what’s waiting for us outside? Love? You’re the most beautiful. Let’s go to our house, I’ll bring you breakfast in bed… at six in the afternoon. Then we go to Sicily to meet your family». Edward and Mikel they have very many fan At Social: The couple are loved very much because they are outspoken and do not fear the judgment of others when they expose themselves.

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Edoardo Tavassi’s mother

There Mother From Edward Tavassi, Emmanuel Fuin supports the formed couple from the outside Son Edward Tavassi and from Micol Incorvaia. In one of the last stories Instagram who posted wrote: «It’s just a pity that the GF VIP I’d rather give space to toxic couples than people who love each other and show it how Edward and Mikel. I’m cheering for you boys.”

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